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InfoWatch and SUAI Develop Enterprise Cybersecurity Competence for WorldSkills Competitions

InfoWatch Group has become an industry partner in developing Enterprise Protection against Internal Cybersecurity Threats competence to be included in WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2017

InfoWatch to Unveil Data Security Approaches for Smart City Systems at Arab Future Cities Summit Dubai 2017

InfoWatch Group, a Russian vendor of end-to-end enterprise cybersecurity solutions, will be an official partner and gold sponsor of the fourth Arab Future Cities Summit (AFCS Dubai) 2017, which is dedicated to smart city development and will be held on October 30-31 in Dubai, UAE. During the summit, InfoWatch Group will showcase its solutions that effectively ensure information security of technological processes and production systems being a part of the smart city concept.

InfoWatch Group Unveils Taigaphone to Middle East Market at GITEX Technology Week 2017

InfoWatch Gulf, a Middle East representative office of InfoWatch Group, joined GITEX Technology Week 2017, the largest international trade show of information and telecom technologies, held on October 8-12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to demonstrate InfoWatch key enterprise cybersecurity solutions and unveil Taigaphone hardware and software suite to the local market. 

8-times More Personal and Finance Data Leak from Organizations in H1 2017

According to InfoWatch Analytical Center, global mass media and other open sources reported 925 confidential information leaks in H1 2017, which is 10% more than in H1 2016. In January-June 2017, data leaks caused 7.78 billion personal and payment data records being compromised, including social security numbers, bank card details, and other critical data, as compared to 1.06 billion during the same period in 2016 and some three billion records compromised for the entire 2016 globally.

InfoWatch Group Reports the Growing Demand for Russian Cybersecurity Tools by Southeast Asian Enterprises

InfoWatch Group has unveiled localized enterprise cybersecurity products and solutions to customers in Southeast Asia at the IFSEC Southeast Asia 2017, the key security, fire and safety event in the region, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As part of this international expo, InfoWatch reached preliminary partnership and cybersecurity awareness training agreements with several local enterprises.

InfoWatch Group Unveils Its Flagship Cybersecurity Products at BIS Summit 2017

InfoWatch Group, a Russian vendor of end-to-end enterprise cybersecurity solutions, has introduced an updated product line for large, medium, and small businesses at the 10th international Business Information Security Summit 2017 (BIS Summit 2017). Unique data protection tools being in the spotlight at the summit included Taigaphone, a new InfoWatch hardware and software suite that effectively protects organizations against data leaks via mobile devices and controls smartphone use at work.

Internal violators are the most serious threat to data privacy in Southeast Asia

Top-level executives, IT administrators and other authorized personnel cause 56% of incidents, cites InfoWatch

InfoWatch Group to Join GITEX Technology Week

InfoWatch Group will take part in the GITEX Technology Week, a Gulf information technology conference, to be held in Dubai on October 8-12, 2017.

InfoWatch Group Opens Regional Office In Kuala Lumpur to Push Its Presence in Southeast Asia

Offers its solution in Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese and other Asian languages for immediate localized relevance and deployment

InfoWatch Group to Unveil Localized Cybersecurity Solutions at IFSEC Southeast Asia 2017

InfoWatch Group, the cybersecurity and data leak prevention (DLP) expert, will be showcasing localized cybersecurity solutions for local businesses at the IFSEC Southeast Asia 2017.


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