AI-based Data Loss Prevention System
InfoWatch Traffic Monitor protects your confidential data against unauthorized use across all channels. Request a Demo
What we do differently
Forensic Storage

Unlike competitors, Traffic Monitor keeps all the workflow and data movements within a company, not just incidents. It means that even if an incident was missed, an administrator can still look back and provide investigation.

There is more, predictive analytics uses this data to highlight the series of events or behavior anomalies that are worth your attention, such as

  • Employee is getting ready to quit
  • Theft of confidential information little by little
  • Misuse of corporate resources, etc.
The access to data is only yours

Once you install your Traffic Monitor, we no longer have access to it.

Unlike competitors, who allow for remote control, we believe that confidential information should be yours only.

Still, we will be with you to guide through the system usage and set up and we will provide AI-based tools so that you can easily tune the system for your needs with no external interference.

continuous sensitive data control Across all channels
  • 28 patents in content analysis and data analytics
  • Automated data classification
  • Universal file interceptor that intercepts any files independently from protocol or application’s version
  • Harnessing the potential of automated tools: easy-updating security policies and discovering new confidential documents
  • No analogues of InfoWatch graphic protection technology
Identifying Critical Events AMONG Millions through AI, behavior intelligence and advanced analytics
  • Utilizing AI and advanced analytics to identify specific chains of planned events among 2.000.000+ events per day.
  • Streamlined data security through automation by incorporating personalized automation AI technology and simplifying data security processes
  • Enhanced User Behavior Analysis by focusing on user behavior and their interaction with data providing a better understanding of user intent. The user behavior technology considers over 230+ parameters, such as mode of operation and amount of information copied.
How it works
intercepts all channels of communication

Including the most "troublesome", such as mobile devices, social media, cloud services and integrated business systems (via API)

processes events coming from hundreds of thousands workplaces

Proved high performance when working in companies with 300 000+ employees

analysis and classified texts, images including bitmap graphics, forms, scans,tables / databases, etc.

Automated classification is available thanks to utilization of ML methods for content analysis

Combination for technologies of content analyses help to reduce the number of false positives to less than 0.1%

prevents data loss, not just monitors!

Leverages ML to automatically update security policies and, thus, prevent the loss of the data which previously might have not been recognized as confidential

saves your data

Enables forensic storage to turn all corporate workflow and data movements into actionable information, thus, enabling you a proper retrospective when an incident happens

How can you enhance the benefits of using a Next-Gen DLP?

InfoWatch is developing the most powerful ecosystem of products for today's most challenging data security risks. The solution is based on modular structure and users pay only for required the features and modules.

InfoWatch Data Discovery: Know Where is the data located

Finds files that need protection inside the secure perimeter of the organization

  • Allows timely detection of violations related to improper storage of documents
  • Establish the presence of a specific document or copies on the resource for further investigation of the leak.
InfoWatch Activity Monitor

Gain a comprehensive view of your staff activity, as if you were personally observing it

  • Diligently track and monitor employee activities, such as applications and websites visited, web queries, text input, and screenshots within your organization
  • Efficiently determine whether a violation qualifies as an incident by utilizing enhanced incident classification capabilities using configurable desktop with 39 filters, 11 widgets and interactive charts to analyze data on different slices
  • Prevent any unauthorized access to inappropriate web content by leveraging effective content filtering mechanisms.
InfoWatch Vision

Visualizing your corporate data flow, you can understand how users, systems and events interact with it

  • Speedy investigation and dynamic communication with a dynamic communication map to identify bottlenecks, informal leaders, and centers of competency among over 50.000+ employees
  • Advanced incident analysis and anomaly detection by leveraging this capability, you can quickly identify and address any potential threats or investigate irregularities 3-4 times faster
  • Consolidated picture and routes of information flow with real-time visibility into business processes allows generating easy-to-understand reports to streamline investigations.
InfoWatch Prediction

User Behavior Analytics module analyzes abnormal behavior to help mitigate risks and get insights from myriad of events

  • Allows predicting and preventing security incidents before they occur
  • Admit to stay one-step ahead with real-time risk assessment and intelligent alerts enabling proactive action and effective risk management
  • Provide modeling capabilities to analyze patterns and trends within 230+ parameters.
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