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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.10 to Protect Geographically Distributed Companies against Data Leaks

InfoWatch Group has unveiled InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.10, a new release of its flagship DLP solution protecting enterprises against data leaks and internal cyber threats. The new release expands secured corporate network perimeter to cover cloud services and mobile devices, while its upgraded InfoWatch Vision analytics module monitors information security at geographically distributed organizations.

“To combat data leaks at geographically distributed companies, we added Branch Structure application to InfoWatch Vision module,” said Alexander Klevtsov, Head of DLP Practice, InfoWatch Group. “This tool allows a head office's system administrator to assess security of the entire company and each branch, monitor DLP system performance across all company’s business units, and evaluate actions of local security officers (number of incidents processed and conclusions made).”

The results of cybersecurity event and incident monitoring at company branches are displayed as interactive multi-level reports via InfoWatch Vision’s single virtual console, with the events being grouped by information security policy, secured object, and conclusion made by security officers.

Another key improvement highlighted by Alexander Klevtsov is cloud data protection that allows customers to control the transfer of enterprise confidential documents across a blurred enterprise network perimeter. Thanks to its integration with Microsoft Cloud App Security, the new release prevents data leaks in cloud-based Microsoft Office 365. For this integration, InfoWatch used Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) to copy traffic from Microsoft Office 365 server to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor server. Then, the DLP system automatically applies analysis technologies to reveal security policy breaches and alerts a security officer.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.10 covers even more mobile devices and intercepts unauthorized data transmission across workstations, smartphones, and tablets via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and messenger.

Moreover, the number of false positives virtually dropped to zero thanks to improved linguistic analysis technology and newly added information flow categories, such as CVs, Corporate Strategy, Security System, and others.

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