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New InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.9 for Better DLP Efficiency

InfoWatch Group has unveiled InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.9, a new release of its flagship DLP solution protecting enterprises against data leaks and internal threats. The new release tools improve DLP system efficiency when it comes to security policy creation, investigations, and cybersecurity team interaction with other business units.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is famous for its unique analysis tools, linguistics technology with multiple language support, and industry customizations,” said Alexander Klevtsov, DLP Development Manager, InfoWatch Group. “To make even more use of these technologies, the new version offers advanced interpretation options during incident processing, with the system highlighting only those parts of intercepted messages where it detects a breach of security policies, thus significantly reducing incident resolution time.”

This feature helps evaluate and timely adjust security policies —a mission-critical option for both pre-DLP audits and DLP activation to prevent data leaks and block unauthorized staff actions, according to Alexander Klevtsov.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.9 features a new tool, Request Manager, that streamlines task assignment by CISO and reduces the risk of incident database access abuse through the management of security officers’ access to event samplings in line with the assigned monitoring tasks. Moreover, Request Manager can create an incident archive in Microsoft Word and PDF formats, easy to use by any business unit and convenient for record keeping.

In addition, the system now provides even more effective automated feedback to cybersecurity officers and other employees, who receive emails about incidents and investigation status changes, such as ‘Breach detected’, ‘Moved to quarantine’, ‘Sending allowed/prohibited’. This tool minimizes the risk of accidental data leaks and raises cybersecurity awareness within enterprises. According to InfoWatch Analytical Center, every third global leak is unintentional, caused by employee’s mistakes or poor knowledge.

To protect corporate data on employee mobile devices, InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.9 supports Android 6.x and intercepts unauthorized data transmission in Viber, Telegram, and other popular messengers.

In addition, the solution can now ban the interaction between workstations and mobile devices over Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). Thus, upon content analysis, the DLP system can block data sending to a smartphone.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.9 boasts of 20+ new features, thus ensuring user-friendly DLP experience at every stage, from a proof of concept to complete implementation and investigations.

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