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What's new in InfoWatch Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor 
Designed to prevent

Higher accuracy

Improvements in the new version are aimed primarily at reducing the number of false alarms and at more efficient incident detection. Our pilot projects indicated that we decreased the number of false positives rate to virtually zero.

Blocking data leaks via:

Here are the key features in InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.10.

Content-Filtered Databases Updates:

  • 5 new data categories
  • 15 new data objects
  • New text objects and regular expressions

Telegram Messenger Support:

  • Chat messages
  • Attached files
  • Voice messages

In-Browser Social Media Messaging Control:

  • Conversations in Facebook Messenger
  • Conversations in VK

Microsoft Office 365 Security

The new version of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor includes integration with Microsoft Office 365, which allows to:

  • Detect the confidential data in the Microsoft Cloud
  • Analyze the discovered data with InfoWatch Traffic Monitor tools
  • Regain visibility of the information security incidents
  • Store all events and shadow copies in a single archive as an evidence database

Security incidents management in all company's branches in a single dashboard

InfoWatch Vision, the module for visualization of information flows, also underwent considerable changes.

Thanks to the branch network support, security officers now can more efficiently investigate information security incidents in large geographically distributed organizations.

Branch Network Support:

  • Event monitoring across all branches of an enterprise
  • Single dashboard for security incidents management
  • Control over IT administrators’ activity in the branches
  • Branch office profiles

English localization now available

Improvements for admins:

  • Automated installation process
  • Optimized process of uploading events from InfoWatch Traffic Monitor
  • Additional filter ‘by verdict’