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New InfoWatch TM 6.5 Prevents Data Leaks from End User Devices without Interrupting Business Processes

InfoWatch Group has unveiled InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.5 (TM 6.5), a new release of its DLP solution protecting businesses against data leaks and internal threats. 

ТM 6.5 applies key InfoWatch analysis technologies to both network gateways and endpoints, including desktops and laptops, to immediately block unauthorized actions of employees, such as confidential information theft, disclosure, modification, and thus reduce the risk of leakage damage.

«New InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.5 allows customers to prevent incidents instead of just monitoring them," said Alexander Klevtsov, Lead Product Development Manager, InfoWatch Group. "TM 6.5 accurately detects and blocks unauthorized transfer of confidential data from end user devices, without interrupting company's business processes and with minimum load on a workstation. As a result, information handling remain highly secure both in the office and outside of the protected perimeter.».

As before, while integrating InfoWatch Traffic Monitor into corporate infrastructure, a customer has to deploy software agents on employees' workstations. However, TM 6.5 agent now performs a linguistic and signature analysis of data being processed, defines text objects and can combine these analysis technologies for more accurate detection of sensitive data. Thus, data leaks are blocked directly on users' endpoints.

TM 6.5 security policies for workstations are configured from a single management console, with either industry-specific templates used or unique policies created for each endpoint.

The new InfoWatch solution can restrict certain actions of employees within applications, even when a software vendor has not provided for relevant access management granularity. For example, a security officer can manage privileges of certain employees as regards copying content to clipboard, printing or taking screenshots in EDMS and accounting applications.

With TM 6.5 in place, security officers can investigate incidents, view desktop screenshots taken before and after an incident, and filter them by workstation, employee, or application.

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