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A Global Analysis of Corporate Data Leaks in the Financial Services Sector 2012

InfoWatch Research Center presents its first bi-annual report on Data Leaks in the Financial Services Sector: January – June 2012. This report provides an overall view of the general trends of data leakage in the financial services sector and some conclusions which provide a basis for predicting the evolution of data leakage in general based on these trends.

InfoWatch Global Data Leakage Report 2011

InfoWatch brings you the latest in statistics and analysis covering information leaks. In 2011, InfoWatch Analytical Centre Company recorded 801 incidents relating to confidential information leaks. That is around 1% more than in the previous year. That is the number of leaks which occurred in organizations as a result of the deliberate or careless actions of employees and were published in the media or other open sources (including web forums and blogs).

InfoWatch Global Data Leakage Report 2010

InfoWatch presents the latest issue of its annual analytical study of confidential data leaks, reported in the world in 2010. The study is based on a database that was maintained by InfoWatch experts since 2004. The InfoWatch leak database includes the incidents that took place in the organizations as a result of malicious insider attacks or careless acts of employees and were released in the mass media and other open sources (incl. web forums and blogs).

20 Banking Breaches So Far in 2010

There have been 171 reported data breaches so far in 2010, and 20 of these involve financial services companies.

This means that in less than one quarter of the year, we already have seen nearly one-third of the 62 banking-related breaches reported in all of 2009.

USA. RS security faults leave taxpayer information at risk. GAO says Internal Revenue Service will struggle to keep private information secure

In this the heavy tax season where billions of dollars and tons of personal information is relayed to and from the government, it's more disconcerting to hear that the Internal Revenue Service is still struggling to keep private information secure.


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