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Global Data Breaches 2018

In 2018, we observed a significant decline in the growth of the number of personal data leaks and a decrease in the total volume of leaked data as well as in the ‘leak capacity’. We can assume that businesses and public bodies that process personal data have decided to bear down on personal data protection violators. For instance, this is evidenced by a decrease in the share of leaks caused by external attacks. External attacks are known to be more sensitive to technical controls. In this respect, the efforts of information security services aimed at countering external threats have not been in vain.

A Special Report on Data Breach Penalties

InfoWatch Analytics Center analyzed penalties for violations that caused leaks of personal information and payment details from both government organizations and businesses on a global scale. The research covered cases when breached enterprises were either penalized by information security, financial regulation, and/or other authorities, or subject to decisions by federal or local prosecutor's offices.

A Study on Data Leaks in Retail & HoReCa

InfoWatch Analytics Center has released the first report on confidential data breaches in Retail & HoReCa companies.

A Study on Global Data Leaks in H1 2018

This is a report on confidential data leaks in H1 2018 prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

A Study of Data Leaks in the Middle East in 2017-2018

InfoWatch Analytical Center has released a report on personal data, payment details and other confidential information leaks in the Middle East (Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria), as well as geographically and culturally close Iraq and Iran, and Northern and North-Eastern Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, and Tunisia) – all of which will be hereinafter together referred to as the “Middle East”.

Data Breach Report: A Study of Healthcare Data Leaks in 2017

InfoWatch Analytics Center has released a report on confidential data leaks from healthcare institutions (hospital chains, medical research centers, labs, etc.), as well as insurance companies that handle patient data.

Information Security Incidents Caused by Resigning Employees. A Study by InfoWatch, 2018

This is the first report on enterprise data leaks triggered by destructive actions of leaving or dismissed employees, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Global Data Leak Report 2017

Personal data is becoming the most valuable asset. Volumes of compromised data grow due to increased capacity of both external and internal leaks. It is worth noting that leaks in all channels, except for network, just do not get registered.

Data Leaks in the Hi-Tech Industry 2016

InfoWatch Analytics Center presents the report on the confidential data leakage research in the hi-tech industry (software and hardware manufacturers, mobile network operators, Internet service providers, search engines, social networks, IT services etc.).

Middle East Data Leaks Report, Q1-Q3 2017

The share of personal data and billing information leaks in the Middle East is less than globally. However, it will grow soon due to the massive digitization and increasing interest of violators to such data types because of its high value.


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