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Doctor’s office ordered to pay woman $853,000 for releasing her records

A Superior Court jury deliberated less than two hours before finding the Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology of Westport liable for the emotional suffering patient’s suffered when they released her records to a former boyfriend, The AP News reports.

Hackers steal thousands of files from M&A giant Evercore

An "unknown" hacker appears to have inside info on a substantial portion of the global pipeline of upcoming M&A deals. Thousands of "sensitive documents" have been stolen by hackers in a cyber-attack on M&A and restructuring giant Evercore, The ZeroHedge reports with reference to The Times.

Municipal Organizations Suffer 30% More Leaks

According to InfoWatch's data, local municipal authorities and related organizations suffered 30% more data breaches YoY worldwide, with the share of intentional leaks having increased from 42% to 53%. The share of municipal organization data breaches triggered from outside almost doubled YoY from 26% to 41%, while the share of leaks through employees’ fault went down from 64% in 2017 to 50% in 2018.  When it comes to leak breakdown by data type, personal data leaks still prevail accounting for 82% of all cases; at the same time, the share of compromised payment details increased 1.5 times to reach 13%. This is a digest of data leaks from municipal organizations, as prepared by InfoWatch Analytics Center.

Chinese scientist charged with stealing more than $1 billion in trade secrets from US Petroleum Company

A Chinese national has been charged with stealing trade secrets from a U.S. petroleum company, with the intention of benefiting a Chinese company that had offered him a new job, The Epoch Times reports.

US charges Chinese hackers with 'massive theft' from NASA, Navy and tech sector

The US Justice Department has charged two Chinese nationals with cybercrimes, citing the threat they pose to national security, the portal CNet reports.

Motorola Solutions alleges Hytera Communications Australia copied its source code

Motorola Solutions has filed a claim for copyright infringement against Hytera Communications Australia and China.This follows the patent infringement proceedings filled by Motorola Solutions in July 2017 in the Federal Court of Australia, the portal ARN reports.

Death penalty for alleged spying role

The disgraced deputy head of the state-owned firm developing China’s first home-grown aircraft carrier may face the death penalty over his alleged involvement in passing its secrets to foreign intelligence agents, The South China Morning Post reports.

Facebook could face $1.6bn fine after security glitch exposes 7m users' photos

Facebook could face a fine of over $1.6bn (£1.3bn) after a glitch exposed the personal photos of almost 7 million users, The Telegraph reports.

Taxpayer ID numbers for 120 million Brazilians exposed online

A misconfigured server exposed the taxpayer identification numbers, or Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPFs), for 120 million Brazilian nationals for an unknown period of time, The Bleeping Computer reports.

Lenovo tells Asia-Pacific staff: Work lappy with your unencrypted data on it has been nicked

A corporate-issued laptop lifted from a Lenovo employee in Singapore contained a cornucopia of unencrypted payroll data on staff based in the Asia Pacific region, The Register reveals.


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