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Data Leakage News

Verifone has been hit by a data breach at gas stations

Verifone controllers at approximately two dozen gas station convenience stores were targeted by an intrusion in January, reports on the ground of security blog Krebs on Security.

Major Spammer Accidentally Leaks Data on a Billion People

A huge email marketing organization called River City Media failed to safeguard backups of its database of 1.34 billion email accounts, resulting in all that user information being available for anyone to see, informs

As many as 7.5 million voter records involved in Georgia data breach

Millions of Georgia voters may have had their personal information compromised for the second time in as many years, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation Friday at Kennesaw State University’s Center for Election Systems involving an alleged data breach, writes

Police in southern China bust six large data theft operations

Raids reveal professionally organised criminal operations, some run by loan sharks, that intercepted millions of items of personal data, reports.

MINDEF Internet system breached; data stolen from national servicemen, employees

A breach in an Internet-connected system at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) earlier this month has resulted in the personal data of 850 national servicemen and employees being stolen, said

Centene discloses missing information of 950,000 people

Michael F. Neidorff, chairman, CEO of Centene, announcing that six missing hard drives contain the name, address, date of birth, social security number, member ID number, and health information of 950,000 members, reports.

191 million US voters' data exposed online

Personal data and non-public information on almost 60 percent of US citizens was available online because of a misconfigured database. More than 191 million US voters' records have been discovered online by security researchers, reports.

Medical records found in dumpster

Medical records were found in an open air dumpster behind a former medical clinic called AllMed on Eastchase Parkway near Minnie Brown Road in east Montgomery, reports. The records included prescriptions, lab results, names of patients and their birthdays -- all considered Private Health Information under HIPAA privacy laws.

Goldman Banker and Fed Employee both fired after the leak

A former Goldman Sachs banker suspected of taking confidential documents from a source inside the government has agreed to plead guilty, dealbook reports.

Comcast resets 200,000

Comcast says it wasn't hacked, but hundreds of thousands of its customers may have been, forcing the cable giant to reset passwords to email accounts of about 200,000 customers, nakedsecurity reports.


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