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Data Leakage News

Data Leaks by IT Specialists

Tech savvy system admins and some other IT specialists are major risk factors for enterprises, as they know how all information systems work and can easily bypass any less-than-perfect protection. However, most cases here are unintentional and caused by human errors. This is a digest of data leaks by IT specialists, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Data Leaks in Football

The success of football business relies heavily on data security. Indeed, data compromising may affect player transfers, financial performance of clubs, and even fan loyalty. This is a digest of data leaks in football prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Q1 2018 Major Leaks

In January-March 2018, InfoWatch Analytical Center registered 20% more leaks year over year. Here is an overview of the Q1 high-profile incidents.

Facebook Notorious Leak: Timeline of Events

In mid-March, The New York Times (U.S.) and The Guardian (U.K.) sent shockwaves across the Internet, saying voter-profiling company Cambridge Analytica harvested private information from Facebook profiles of 50 million users, causing the largest social network to lose tens of billions of US dollars in stocks, suffer unprecedented public pressure in the Western countries and possibly other business damages in the future.

Collection of Funny Leaks for the April Fools’ Day

Confidential data leaks are definitely not a joke, but some incidents are so funny that make us smile. This is a digest of ridiculous leaks prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center as we approach the April Fools’ Day, one of the most unusual international holidays.

Trade Secrets and Know-How Leaked from Manufacturing Enterprises

Know-how, pricing, customer details, and shipment specifics are always crucial for manufacturing sector, with leaks of such data undermining a company’s business and development strategy. This is a digest of recent leaks from manufacturing enterprises, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Voter Information Compromised

Every democracy grants its citizens a constitutional right to vote. Any popular election requires huge databases containing personal details and sensitive information on political and other preferences of voters. Such databases may be maintained by both government bodies and analytical companies, which doubles the threat to information integrity, with negligent third-party companies seeming to cause a more significant damage in the event of data compromising.

Data Leaks from Online Stores

In the face of rapidly evolving e-commerce and new methods of payment all over the world, user-friendly and agile online stores are now at high risk when processing personal and payment data of their customers. This is a digest of leaks from online stores prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Sometimes They Come Back: Ex-Employees Who Leak Data

People are the weakest link in any corporate information security system, with soon-to-be-former employees being the biggest threat. A failure to block their access to corporate systems may result in truly grave consequences, as ex-employees can leak confidential data for personal gain, out of revenge, under pressure, or simply by accident. This is a digest of such leaks prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Stolen Body or How Biometric Data Is Compromised

Biometric parameters (fingerprints, iris, voice, etc.) are more and more often used to identify a person and grant access to various services. Compared to traditional personal data compromising, biometric data leaks from centralized storages cause even graver consequences and, hence, are summarized by InfoWatch Analytical Center here separately.


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