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Soldier allegedly honey-trapped, passed information to ISI about unit

A soldier allegedly caught passing information to operatives of Pakistan spy agency ISI after being honey-trapped on social media, has been arrested, the Army confirmed today. He was produced in court and will be interrogated by intelligence officials. Sources, however said, the information is unlikely to be sensitive since he is too junior to have access to it, the website reports.












IHiS fined record S$750,000, SingHealth with S$250,000 for Singapore's worst data breach

Singapore's privacy watchdog has meted out its largest fine of S$750,000 to Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) for lapses in securing patient data which resulted in the nation's worst data breach, The Business Times reports.











CVs containing sensitive info of over 202 million Chinese users left exposed online

A security researcher has stumbled over an unsecured MongoDB database server that contained highly detailed CVs for over 202 million Chinese users. Data appears to have originated from a data scraping app that collected resumes from Chinese job portals, the portal ZDNet reports.











Multistate settles with Neiman Marcus over 2013 data breach

43 State Attorneys General and the District of Columbia announced yesterday a settlement with Neiman Marcus Group LLC resolving the states’ investigation into the company’s 2013 data breach and its security practices, The Ad Law Access reports.










BASF workers in Taiwan suspected of leaking company secrets to Chinese firm

Taiwan is investigating six current and former employees of BASF’s local operations suspected of leaking corporate secrets to a rival Chinese company, according to The Epoch Times.









German hacker behind massive political data leak identified

German authorities say a 20-year-old, acting alone, was behind a huge leak of personal data concerning leading politicians and celebrities. The man has confessed, but questions remain about German cyber security, The Deutsche Welle reports.








French watchdog fines Bouygues 250,000 euros for data security breach

Reuters reports that the CNIL has fined the Parisian telecom, but they don’t provide any real details as to what happened, the website writes.







Doctor’s office ordered to pay woman $853,000 for releasing her records

A Superior Court jury deliberated less than two hours before finding the Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology of Westport liable for the emotional suffering patient’s suffered when they released her records to a former boyfriend, The AP News reports.







Hackers steal thousands of files from M&A giant Evercore

An "unknown" hacker appears to have inside info on a substantial portion of the global pipeline of upcoming M&A deals. Thousands of "sensitive documents" have been stolen by hackers in a cyber-attack on M&A and restructuring giant Evercore, The ZeroHedge reports with reference to The Times.







Municipal Organizations Suffer 30% More Leaks

According to InfoWatch's data, local municipal authorities and related organizations suffered 30% more data breaches YoY worldwide, with the share of intentional leaks having increased from 42% to 53%. The share of municipal organization data breaches triggered from outside almost doubled YoY from 26% to 41%, while the share of leaks through employees’ fault went down from 64% in 2017 to 50% in 2018.  When it comes to leak breakdown by data type, personal data leaks still prevail accounting for 82% of all cases; at the same time, the share of compromised payment details increased 1.5 times to reach 13%. This is a digest of data leaks from municipal organizations, as prepared by InfoWatch Analytics Center.








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