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Data Leakage News

Police reveal the biggest leakers of personal data

Four people have been arrested for allegedly illegally acquiring and dealing in more than 11 million items of personal information, police said. Two of the four have since been bailed, The Shanghai Daily informs.

Multi-million data breach and fraud trial to get under way in Sweden

A startup, four banks and a superstore are understood to be among a number of organizations hit by a Swedish hacking and fraud attack that has now led to trial. Swedish prosecutors declined to reveal the exact number of suspected victims in the case, The Local reports.

Welp, Vevo Just Got Hacked

Vevo, the joint venture between Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Media, Warner Music Group, and Alphabet Inc. (Google’s parent company), was just hacked Gizmodo reports. Roughly 3.12TB worth of internal files have been posted online, and a couple of the documents reviewed by Gizmodo appear sensitive.

Yet another trove of sensitive US voter records has leaked

Each record contained details on voters, including names, addresses, dates of birth, their ethnic identity, whether an individual is married, and the individual's voting preferences, the magazine ZDNet writes. A cache of voter records on over a half-million Americans has been found online.

Islington Council faces huge fine after massive data breach hit 90,000 people

A London council has been fined £70,000 after it accidentally published a cache of personal data including medical details, cheques, and even one person’s prison record, the Evening Standard ( reports.

MoneyBack data leak: 400GB of personal data of tourists in Mexico shows up in insecure database

MoneyBack appears to have run an insecure database, containing over 400GB of data, all of which could potentially have been easily accessed by hackers. Credit card data, passports, travel information and more of nearly half a million people were exposed, The International Business Times reports.

Data of 143 million Americans — nearly half the country — exposed in Equifax hack

The credit reporting agency Equifax said Thursday that hackers gained access to sensitive personal data — Social Security numbers, birth dates and home addresses — for up to 143 million Americans, a major cyber security breach at a firm that serves as one of the three major clearinghouses for Americans' credit histories, The Chicago Tribune reports.

Taringa hacked: More than 28 million user records stolen from popular social website

More than 28 million records linked to Taringa, a Reddit-like social networking website popular in Latin America, have reportedly been stolen by hackers. Firm confirms 'external attack that compromised the security of our databases', The International Business Times reports.

Hackers claim to have personal info of millions of Instagram accounts, including celebs

A group of hackers used a bug earlier this week to scrape the phone numbers and email addresses of six million Instagram accounts and are now selling that information on the web, the TechCrunch writes.

Yahoo must face litigation by data breach victims

A U.S. judge said Yahoo must face nationwide litigation brought on behalf of well over 1 billion users who said their personal information was compromised in three massive data breaches, The Fortune reports.


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