Specifics of Doing Business in the Middle East

Kristina Tantsyura, Director for Business Development in the Middle East at InfoWatch Group and CEO of InfoWatch Gulf, gave a talk to Russian companies on the specifics of entering and doing business in UAE and Middle East markets.  The event was held at the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and attended by representatives of 40+ businesses that participate in the Ministry’s top-priority project ‘Support of Leading High-Tech Companies’ (also known as ‘National Champions’) and members of Software Developers Association ‘Domestic Software’.

Kristina Tantsyura told the attendees about the first steps that Russian IT companies need to take to enter Middle East markets.

“It is always important to keep in mind regional specifics, especially if you are trying to launch a business in the Middle East,” said Kristina Tantsyura. “Local customers need to see that their new partner is planning to stay there for a long time; therefore, InfoWatch decided to establish a full-service office in Dubai, with our specialists now always being within reach and involved in all cultural, social, technological, and educational processes in the region.”

Moreover, InfoWatch Gulf CEO emphasized that both Russian Export Center and Moscow Export Center strongly support Russian business efforts in the Middle East.

It should be noted that Rustem Khairetdinov, Vice President at InfoWatch Group and Attack Killer CEO, had spoken at the Ministry’s previous seminar titled ‘Measures to Support Innovation Development Institutions’ and also organized for businesses from the list of ‘National Champions’, where he had talked about the cybersecurity transformation and role in the digital world.



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