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InfoWatch Unveils Person Monitor 7 to Record Staff Activities Up-to-the-Minute and Detect Cybersecurity Risks

InfoWatch Group has announced InfoWatch Person Monitor 7, a solution that continuously monitors personnel’s use of corporate desktops and mobile devices, detects risky employee behavior and unauthorized use of enterprise’s information assets, as well as collects evidence for cybersecurity investigations.

The solution’s architecture is based on client applications that collect data on user actions on their workstations and Android mobile devices and send it to the central server. Then, to ensure continuous monitoring, InfoWatch Person Monitor’s web console displays real-time data on entertainment websites and social media visited, e-mails sent, and so on, received from the server. In the event of any incident, the system notifies an admin via SMS, e-mail, and a messenger. What is more, Person Monitor 7 features tools to analyze remote desktops.

“Personnel’s counterproductive activities, waste of time, insufficient motivation and experience cause direct damage to a company and may lead to enterprise data leaks, sabotage, abuse of access to corporate resources, or inappropriate conduct while communicating with customers, and so on,” said Alexander Korobko, Product Development Manager, InfoWatch Group. “Having information about such actions, an organization can identify HR and cybersecurity risks and determine labor performance drivers. This system will benefit executives, information security and HR teams.”

InfoWatch Person Monitor 7 provides reports containing minute-by-minute visual data on employee actions, including their use of apps, web resources, and documents, file sending and deleting, and so on. Such level of detail helps promptly detect suspicious staff activities, process cybersecurity incidents, and reduce the number of false positives (e.g., in case of DLP systems).

“New InfoWatch Person Monitor 7 quickly generates ‘Activity Feed’ visual report on personnel activities, entertainment website and social media visits, e-mails, print jobs, and so on”, noted Alexander Korobko. “The report’s clear and handy infographics provides insight into employee’s activities during the work day, thus saving time executives spend on monitoring.”

In addition, the product features an all-new Android app that monitors employees’ mobile devices for websites visited, calls made, text messages sent, and other user workday activities. Another key brand-new module – Black Box – saves encrypted copies of employee desktop screenshots and audios (recorded via employee’s speakers and a microphone), and then provides access to such copies to an administrator upon request. Moreover, the new solution version can record voice and text data in Skype desktop app and monitor Skype for Web messages, supports geolocation to locate corporate laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as generates reports on desktop GPU utilization to detect unauthorized mining.

Person Monitor can submit information to any trusted device, regardless of its operating system: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This out-of-the-box product is easy to configure, does not disrupt business processes or cause downtime.

Moreover, it is based on a client-server architecture, supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database management systems, and does not require LAN structure changes.

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