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InfoWatch’s Attack Killer Protection Becomes Skolkovo Resident

Attack Killer Protection, an InfoWatch Group subsidiary that develops end-to-end web security management systems, has become a member of the IT Cluster at Skolkovo Innovation Center. The Skolkovo expert board adopted a resolution recognizing Attack Killer technologies as a unique web security force against hacking, DoS and DDoS attacks, and theft of confidential and payment information.

We expect that Skolkovo residency will help us leverage the expertise of other IT Cluster companies in developing Attack Killer as an integrated control center for enterprise cybersecurity tools and will drive our success in Russian and international markets,” said Rustem Khairetdinov, Vice President of InfoWatch Group, CEO of Attack Killer Protection. “The Skolkovo Foundation experts all agreed that Attack Killer researchers, managers, and developers have all competencies, experience, and potential necessary to complete this mission.

The company’s product portfolio includes InfoWatch Attack Killer, a comprehensive solution that automatically protects online banking systems, e-commerce sites, e-government portals, collaboration systems, online stores, and other websites and web applications, and InfoWatch Appercut, a special vulnerability scanner for business app source codes. The architecture of Attack Killer solutions employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that have self-learning algorithms capable of detecting and combating almost all known attacks and vulnerabilities.


Skolkovo is an advanced R&D center for the development and commercialization of innovative technology, offering special economic conditions for companies that operate in Russia’s economic modernization mission-critical sectors: telecom, space, energy efficiency, IT, biomedical and nuclear technology.