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InfoWatch Group Contributes to Thailand 4.0 Government Economic Strategy

InfoWatch Group has taken part in Business Revolution and Innovation Network (BRAIN) educational initiative of the Kingdom of Thailand, targeted at Thai government officials and representatives of businesses and non-profit organizations. The initiative, supported by the Federation of Thai Industries, encourages leading global experts to share their experience and thus help the Thai Government shape their new economic strategy, Thailand 4.0. 

Key principles behind this strategy are innovative national development, information technology, and high-tech research. As the BRAIN's guest expert in corporate cybersecurity, Andrey Sokurenko, International Sales Deputy Director at InfoWatch Group, told the attendees about today's government and enterprise threatscape as well as innovative solutions protecting organizations against internal and external cyber threats. He also emphasized the need for government cybersecurity regulations and adoption of measures to fight cybercriminals and prevent data leaks. 

"The year of 2017 is the 120th anniversary of cooperation between Russia and Thailand," said Andrey Sokurenko. "In furtherance of these good partnership traditions, InfoWatch Group will be happy to render all possible assistance in building a secure digital environment for the Kingdom of Thailand. Our solid enterprise cybersecurity background and successful implementations of our proprietary corporate data protection solutions in international markets allow us to offer our approaches and products in Southeast Asia and thus compete with leading global vendors."

The Thai business and government representatives present at the event welcomed the speech by the InfoWatch expert and expressed their interest in further cooperation with the Russian party towards Thailand's secure information environment.

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Business Revolution and Innovation Network (BRAIN) is a training initiative held by the Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.) from January 9 to June 5, 2017, as part of the advanced training in innovations and digital economy transformation for Thai executives.