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Global Data Leakage Report, H1 2015

InfoWatch Analytical Center presents this report on confidential data leaks in H1 2015.
InfoWatch Global Data Leakage Report

Key Facts

  • In H1 2015, InfoWatch Analytical Center registered 723 data leaks revealed (in the media and other sources) worldwide, which is 10% more than in H1 2014.
  • External attacks were behind 32% of data leaks, thus demonstrating an increase by 9 percentage points (p.p.) if compared with H1 2014.
  • 90% of data leaks are related to personal data. Over the period under consideration, more than 262 million records were compromised, including payment information.
  • 8 mega leaks occurred in H1 2015, each resulted in the loss of over 10 million personal data records. Mega leaks account for 83% of all compromised records.
  • Company employees were responsible for 58% of the leaks, while company executives, for 1%.
  • Transportation companies — along with online services, retailers, and healthcare institutions — are the biggest sources of personal data leaks.

Number of registered data leaks, H1 2006 – H1 2015


Leaks by attack vector


Leaks by source



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