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Data Leakage News

Sensitive Data on Mobile Devices Is Unprotected

According to Mobile Usage Survey 2005, a third of professionals using portable devices such as PDAs and smartphones doesn't protect its mobile data with passwords or any other security protection. However three out of ten store their Pins, passwords and other corporate information on the devices.

The findings come from the Mobile Usage Survey 2005, conducted by SC Magazine. Almost 80% of users do not encrypt the information on their PDA or smartphone even though sensitive personal and valuable corporate information is being stored on the devices.

Insider Tried to Deliver US Navy Secret Data to China

FBI arrested four men who allegedly conspired to steal sensitive information about Navy warships and smuggle it to China. One of them was insider who worked in defense contractor and stole secret data of his employer.

ID Theft Cost USA $54.6 Billion in 2004

ID theft is the fastest-growing and the most expensive crime there is in the United States. Thieves using personal data they obtained both legally and illegally raked in $54.6 billion last year.

Most of Companies Doesn't Know How to Store Data Safely

According to Data Storage Security Survey 2005, more than a half of 300 responding companies have no formal procedures for protecting stored data and an overwhelming majority rated data storage security as only fair or poor.

2.5 Years in Prison for Falsifying Financial Reports and Insider Trading

A Japanese court convicted resort and railroad tycoon Yoshiaki Tsutsumi of insider trading and falsifying company records Thursday, slapping him with a fine of 5 million yen ($43,200) and a suspended prison sentence.

ID Theft Swindlers Are Hunting for Students

Recent incidents highlight that students are often ID theft victims. Swindlers use teenagers' Social Security numbers and other personal data to register for classes and obtain financial aid. In one case an Arizona man used this scheme to steal more than $300,000 using 50 different identities between 1999 and 2003.

ID Theft Threatens Teenagers

Laptop with 3,800 UTMC Patients' Private Data Was Stolen

Stolen laptop contained names, Social Security numbers and birthdates of 3,800 patients of University of Tennessee Medical Center. The data was protected by a password; however all affected are at the risk of ID theft.

Private Data Leakage Costs Chipotle $5.6M

In the IPO SEC filing privately held company Chipotle states that it has lost $5.6 million as a result of sensitive data leakage last August (1.6M for short term expenses and 4M for reserve fund to deal with claims arising from possible ID theft). Thus private data leakage costs 91% of Chipotle's profits in 2004.

iPod Is a Serious Data Leakage Channel

A survey conducted by US investigators points that iPod is very serious sensitive data leakage channel and an open door for spyware and malicious codes. In addition, there have already been registered incidents when employee copied classified information to portable devices, including iPod, and then took them away from an office.


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