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Data Leakage News

Embarrassing data leak mars launch of world's largest bank

The world's largest bank has mistakenly sent the account numbers of 580 companies to the wrong addresses. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ was quick to blame human error for the programming blunder and not the computer system at the recently merged financial institution.

Action needed on identity theft

New Jersey has joined a handful of states with something that New York and the federal government lack — a law to give people some protection against identity theft. More than 55 million Americans became vulnerable to identity theft by computer breaches and break-ins alone in 2005, making it the worst year yet for cybercrime.

ABN Amro Lost and Found Tapes with Private Data of 2 Million Customers

ABN Amro's LaSalle Bank reported that it lost back-up tape with private data of 2 million customers on Friday. However on Tuesday the bank said that the tape was found and sensitive records were safe. Despite there is no evidence of misuse of data, it is recommended that clients use free credit monitoring program for 1 year.

Private Data Leakage from Ford Motor

PC with 70,000 private records was stolen from a Ford facility. Names, Social Security numbers and etc. are now compromised.

Beware Christmas data theft dangers, warn police

Police, security experts and lawyers are warning IT departments to be on their guard against corporate data theft as companies wind down their operations over the Christmas holidays.

Law firm Mishcon de Reya said data theft was the fastest growing area of corporate fraud and featured in one in every three fraud cases investigated by the firm.

The Metropolitan Police's Computer Crime Unit said that although hacking and virus attacks tend to slow down over Christmas, businesses were at greater risk from internal attacks on company data.

British Ministers Were Aware of the ID Theft but Did Nothing to Stop the Fraud

The British government has known for months that criminals were using stolen identities to make fraudulent online tax credit claims worth millions of pounds, but ministers have not done anything to stop swindlers.

Private Data Leakage Costs DSW Company $9.5M

According to a settlement, discount shoe retailer Designer Shoe Warehouse, which discovered in March that information on 1.5 million customers had been stolen, will put in place a comprehensive security program and have its systems audited by independent experts every other year for 20 years. Thus expenses due to data theft increases from $6.5M to $9.5M.

Americans still nervous about healthcare privacy

Most worry about the privacy of their data and fear what employers might do with it

Two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the privacy of their personal health data and 52 percent fear that employers might use it to limit job opportunities.

Other results of a periodic survey taken by the California HealthCare Foundation were that 67 percent of Americans had some awareness of their rights or recalled getting privacy notifications.

E-mail usage exposing corporations to liability

Employees widely ignore safe-use policies

Most American office workers have performed risky acts with e-mail, and the vast majority are clueless about it, indicates a recent Harris Interactive poll.

Sixty-one percent admitted personal use of office e-mail, 48 percent admitted sending or receiving junk e-mail with questionable content, and 22 percent admitted passing log-in information via e-mail. But 92 percent say they've done nothing risky.

Half had saved e-mail outside the corporate network, and the more they earned the more likely they were to do so.

Chinese Illegally Use Korean Registration Numbers

Continuing private data leakages and attendant ID thefts allow Chinese to use Korean IT resources without any pangs of conscience. It's a so burning issue that Korean government decided to interfere and design new identification systems specific for the virtual world.


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