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Data Leakage News

Data Leakages in USA Universities

A new student identification method is to be developed in Oklahoma State University, where laptop computer listing Social Security numbers for more than 37,000 current and former students was stolen on April 12.

The university will track students by 8-digit student identification numbers instead of Social Security numbers. In addition officials said the university will discipline workers who don't protect sensitive information.

The Largest Case of Medical Data Theft in USA

The FBI has arrested a former branch manager of San Jose Medical Group, who is charged with stealing medical and financial information about 185,000 patients of the group.

Indian Call Centre Employees stole $350,000 from Citibank's US Clients

The call centre workers in Pune, India, have been arrested for looting $350,000 from the accounts of Citibank's US customers.

600,000 Time Warner workers' data has gone

CNNMoney, a Time Warner affiliate, reported that media conglomerate Time Warner has lost computer back-up tapes containing private information of 600,000 current and former employees. The tapes did not include personal data on Time Warner customers.

Apple iPod and similar devices are dangerous

The recent survey revealed that overwhelming majority of companies is not ready to cope with the threat of using multimedia players within corporative network.

200,000 Ameritrade client's private data has gone

A computer backup tape with the account information of more than 200,000 Ameritrade Inc. clients has been lost.

A package of data backup tapes was damaged in transit in late February by a shipping company that isn't being named. Four of the tapes in the package disappeared after the package was damaged but three were later found by the shipper during a search of its facility. The fourth tape is still missing and is presumed to still be lost in the facility or to have been destroyed accidentally.

1 Insider + 20Р?-gadget = World's Largest Potential Bank Robbery

The investigation of Sumitomo's incident revealed that insiders used keyboard logging devices costing as little as Р€20 each.

Was the Sumitomo Bank Robbery an Inside Job?

Everything points that the world's largest potential bank robbery was an inside job.

Fear is the Main Cause of Latency in IT Crimes

The last survey proved that IT bosses are fearful of losing their jobs in the event of any security incident:


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