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Data Leakage News

Private data of 240,000 subscribers 'recycled' by The New York Times

An attempt to recycle documents at two newspapers belonging to the New York Times has ended in the private details of 240,000 subscribers being compromised. Routing slips on 9,000 batches of newspapers were found to have readers' credit card and bank account details on the reverse side.

Insider steals $45,000 from Ukrainian bank

A programmer at a Ukrainian bank made use of his access to customer details to steal over $45,000 from accounts. The 23-year-old Dnepropetrovsk resident has already been detained by police.

The insider used his position in the bank to gain access to clients' accounts and illegally transferred money from one account into another he had set up especially for the purpose. Later, the criminal cashed a sum of over $45,000 in local currency.

Identity theft victims emerge in PHS data theft case

A handful of people have approached the authorities in the U.S. state of Oregon to say that their personal information, stolen from a Providence Health System employee, has been used illegally. Police are still verifying the claims linked to the theft of data tapes and disks with the personal details of 365,000 people at the end of last year.

PHS notifies 365,000 patients about data theft

The theft of backup computer disks and tapes from the car of a Providence Home Services employee has forced the company to notify 365,000 of its patients that their private details have been compromised. Access to such data is today highly prized by criminals, suggesting that the theft was planned.

Ameriprise loses laptop with data on 158,000 clients

Advisory firm Ameriprise Financial has announced that the financial details of 158,000 clients and the social security numbers of thousands of the firm's advisors were compromised after a laptop computer was stolen from the car of an Ameriprise employee.

San Diego city employee pleads guilty to customer identity theft

A 48-year-old San Diego woman has provided a classic example of just how easy it is for ordinary state employees to manipulate the information they work with to profit from identity theft. One of her four victims turned out to be her immediate boss.

Source codes for Internet Explorer 7 leaked from Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has suffered a serious leak after the second beta-test version of Internet Explorer 7 ended up on the Internet together with its source codes. Despite the fact that Microsoft was quick to force the Web site to remove the link from its pages, statistics show that it was downloaded 12,000 times from one resource alone.

Russian dating agency blames 'dirty tricks' for information leak reports

According to reports by several Russian news agencies last week, offers to buy a database containing the client details of the virtual dating agency were distributed throughout the Internet via spam. The agency denied there had been any leak, however, saying the reports were part of a “dirty tricks" campaign.

ChoicePoint's data breach losses reach $26.4M

U.S. data aggregator ChoicePoint has reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pay a fine of $10 million for Р В° massive data security breach involving consumer records. The FTC has also asked ChoicePoint to pay $5 million into a compensation fund for those affected by the leak. The direct losses incurred by the firm as a result of the leak have now reached $26.4 million.

Secret details of U.S. government contractors leaked

A Web site for U.S. government contractors had to be shut down earlier this month after the General Services Administration revealed that anyone using the resource could gain access to confidential documents of the other users.


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