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Data Leakage News

Data Leaks from Public Eateries

Visiting cafés, restaurants, coffee houses, and other such places increases the risk of data, primarily payment details, being leaked. This is a digest of recent leaks from public eateries, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Tampa Bay Fisheries’ CEO accused in trade secrets lawsuit

National Fish & Seafood is now accusing Tampa Bay Fisheries’ CEO Richard Paterson and other Tampa Bay executives with conspiring to steal trade secrets, the website SeafoodSource writes.

Facebook informs 4 Million users about yet another data leak

Facebook’s privacy nightmare is far from over: The social networking giant revealed Wednesday that an app called myPersonality had siphoned personal data from 4 million users off Facebook, and then shared it with researchers and third-party companies, the portal Variety reports.

Chinese criminal gang illegally collected 3 Billion items of user data

China recently arrested five individuals in connection with the biggest data-theft case in the country’s history, with more than 3 billion items of user data stolen from 96 internet companies, including industry giants Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba, The Epoch Times reports.

Judge approves final $115 Million Anthem settlement

A federal judge in California has given final approval to a $115 million settlement involving health insurer Anthem over its 2015 data breach. The settlement is the largest ever recorded for a class-action lawsuit filed over a data breach. But most victims will receive no money, The BankInfoSecurity reports.

TechnipFMC sues McDermott for trade secret theft

TechnipFMC is suing rival McDermott International and its new chief operating officer for the alleged theft of trade secrets that Samik Mukherjee brought with him when he switched companies, the website reports.

Leaks Through Messengers and Mobile Apps in Summer 2018

Messengers and mobile apps have become essential tools for information exchange, communication, and entertainment. However, you should always be careful as this seemingly easy data exchange can lead to serious problems. This is a digest of data leaks through these channels that occurred in the summer of 2018, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Chinese-citizen engineer at San Jose tech firm stole secrets, brought them to Chinese firm, jury says in awarding major damages

Development engineer Gangyi Chen stole trade secrets from a San Jose technology company and brought them to a Chinese firm, according to a Silicon Valley jury that ordered the payment of $66 million in damages to his former employer, The SiliconValley writes.

Emma's Diary fined £140,000 over data sale to Labour

A parenting advice site has been fined £140,000 after it was accused of illegally collecting data and selling it on for use by the Labour Party, which used it to profile new mums, The BBC reports.

Employee-Driven Leaks in Healthcare

InfoWatch Analytical Center has prepared a digest of data leaks from healthcare and pharma organizations, this time focusing on intentional incidents involving employees.


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