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Data Leakage News

Uber to pay $148 Million in settlement over 2016 data breach

Uber Technologies Inc. will pay $148 million to settle claims related to a large-scale data breach that exposed the personal information of more than 25 million of its U.S. users The Bloomberg reports.

Data Breaches Hit Car Manufacturers

Know-how, trade secrets, and personal data of employees and customers are the most common data types leaked from manufacturers by hackers and malicious or negligent insiders. This is a digest of recent confidential information leaks from car manufacturing companies, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Data Breaches by Contractors

In today’s digital era, businesses share more and more corporate information with their partners and therefore should pick service providers with great care and subject to confidentiality agreements. This is a digest of data leaks by contractors, prepared by InfoWatch Analytical Center.

Vodafone: You used 1234 as your password and were hacked? You cover the cost

If you use a simple, easy-to-guess password such as "QWERTY" or "1234," you might pay for your mistake by having someone access your online accounts without permission - and you may also find yourself paying out for subsequent damages and lost funds. That is, if Vodafone reportedly has its way, the portal ZDNet writes.

Education Data Breaches

As students are soon back to schools and universities, InfoWatch Analytical Center has prepared a digest of recent education data leaks.

Another former engineer for Taiwan chipmaker caught trying to transfer trade secrets to China

A former employee of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC), the world’s largest contract chipmaker, has been charged with breach of trust and theft of trade secrets, with the intention of providing them to a mainland Chinese firm, according to The Epoch Times with a reference to Taiwanese newspaper the Liberty Times.

Researcher admits plot to steal trade secrets to sell in China

A cancer researcher pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring to steal biopharmaceutical trade secrets from GlaxoSmithKline in what prosecutors said was a scheme that involved plans to set up companies in China to market them, the website reports.

Data leak exposes names, ID numbers, and plain-text passwords of 934,000 South Africans

A South African database containing sensitive personal data, which appears to have originated from a traffic fine platform, has been leaked online, The Mybroadband reports.

Judge restrains marketing firm after ruling employees took trade secrets

A judge temporarily ordered the employees of a newly formed Victoria marketing company not to communicate with the clients of their former employer. That previous employer, Affect Digital Media, was formed in 2012 and is owned by the Victoria Advocate Publishing Co., which filed a lawsuit against ThriveFuel Friday. The lawsuit, which claims ThriveFuel employees stole proprietary information from ADM, seeks at least $1 million, as well as attorney fees, the website Victoria Advocate writes.

Leaked data from Chinese hotel chain may affect 130 million customers

Personal data and booking information from 13 hotels operated by Huazhu Hotels Group has reportedly been leaked in what could be the largest data breach in China in five years, according to Chinese cybersecurity media FreeBuf (in Chinese), the portal Technode reports.


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