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Protecting critical data in finance sector

How to reduce business risks by preventing confidential data leaks

In 2013, 1143 leaks of confidential information were recorded and reported in the media and registered by InfoWatch Analytical Labs. This figure is 22% higher than the number of leaks registered in 2013. Global situation with personal data protection is desperate: 85% of all information leaks involve personal data.

Watch the record of the webinar to know about:

  • Business risks and cases of confidential data leakage
  • How does data leakage impact the company’s business process?
  • Paradigm change: from infrastructure protection to a targeted protection of valuable information
  • Information Security solutions as part of effective business processes


Andrey Sokurenko

Andrey Sokurenko, Business Development Director of InfoWatch.

«The problem of critical data leakage in finance sector is more than relevant nowadays. It is related to theft of payment card details, stealing personal data of credit and mortgage banks' customers. Confidential information of banks or other financial institutes is also at risk. Stealing such sensitive data malefactor causes financial and reputational damage to the companies. InfoWatch Group of Companies being an expert in field of data leakage prevention will show you today it's DLP solutions developed to protect financial organizations against critical information losses».

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