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Stamp Detection

Subconsciously we understand that any document circulating in an organization has a certain value. However, if there is no explicit sign that the document is classified, it is difficult to draw conclusions about its significance. If the document has the official company seal we are nearly 100% sure that the document is legally important and valuable to the company.

The Stamp Detection component of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor can monitor transfers of scanned documents containing images of reference seals

The reference seal image is added using the copyright analysis interface of the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor console. Other than the seal itself, the image should not contain any noticeable extraneous elements. To create the reference image, affix the seal onto a clean sheet of paper, scan the sheet, then load the resulting image into InfoWatch Traffic Monitor. When traces of the reference form are detected in network traffic, a leak alert is displayed in the 'Reports' section of the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor console. The details of the intercepted items contain the name of the reference file that matches the detected seal image. The 'Context' section shows the relevance score of the intercepted image compared to the reference image.

Advantages of the technology

  • highly efficient in detecting images in scanned documents;
  • easy creation of reference seal images;
  • unique, innovative technology not found in competitors' products*

*According to public sources