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Hybrid Analysis

Experts at InfoWatch are developing and deploying in our solutions hybrid analysis, which is an integrated approach, bringing together the following content analysis technologies:
  • linguistic analysis,
  • digital fingerprints,
  • templates analyzer.

One of the main advantages of hybrid analysis is the combination of different methods, which enables the strengths of each to be employed. Thus, InfoWatch Traffic Monitor uses not one but several criteria to determine the level of confidentiality of an intercepted message:

  • the categories assigned to the message as a result of linguistic analysis
  • reference documents, with which a match has been found
  • detected types of text object
  • data transmission channels
  • permitted or prohibited paths for forwarding messages
  • date and time a message was sent
  • type, size and number of attachments
  • type, number and location of identified terms, phrases or text objects, etc.

The use of hybrid analysis improves the reliability and accuracy of the identification of confidential information, thereby offering more effective protection. Thanks to a combination of different methods and technologies, InfoWatch's hybrid analysis offers the best possible solution for protecting confidential information at all stages of its lifecycle.

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