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Filled forms Detection

A simple form has long been the easiest and most efficient way of collecting personal data. Generally, the form itself is not confidential, but a completed form can contain a person's complete information profile. To protect this type of data, InfoWatch developed the Filled forms Detection. This technology monitors network traffic that contains personal data and promptly notifies data security personnel of incidents where confidential data is being leaked.

No special knowledge is required to set up this technology. One only needs to convert a typical form into UTF-8 encoded text using the standard extractor tool included with InfoWatch Traffic Monitor. The resulting file is then added as a reference document using the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor console.

When traces of the reference form are detected in network traffic, a leak alert is displayed in the 'Reports' section of the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor console. The details of the intercepted items contain the name of the reference file that matches the detected reference form. In the 'Context' section, the 'Relevance' field shows the number of reference form fields in the intercepted data.

Advantages of the technology

  • highly efficient in detecting forms containing personal data;
  •  low rate of false positives; detects only completed forms;
  • easy addition of new reference forms.