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Monitoring Information in Voice channel

InfoWatch, in cooperation with the Speech Technology Center, offers a solution that provides automated monitoring of the observance of security policy during the use of voice communications or when transferring information over voice channels.

It combines the advantages of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise, a tool to secure confidential information against leaks, and STC Voice Monitor, a voice channel monitoring system.

  • Automated monitoring of confidential information during voice conversations
  • Archive of intercepted information for further investigation of security policy breaches and preparation of analytical reports
  • The system can reliably translate up to 85% of voice traffic into text
  • The advanced technology in InfoWatch's DLP system guarantees a high degree of accuracy in identifying confidential information

How does it Work?

The solution consists of two integrated software systems – STC Voice Monitor, developed by the Speech Technology Center, and InfoWatch's Traffic Monitor Enterprise.

Schematic diagram of the solution

The voice traffic interceptors send data for analysis by STC Voice Monitor, which conducts voice recognition, searches for key words and determines the topics involved. The selection of key words and themes are determined as part of the wider security policy, which is set up in InfoWatch Traffic Monitor. After voice recognition, a copy of the traffic is sent to the InfoWatch Forensic Storage depository for further consideration by a security officer.