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Telecommunications companies own a lot of intellectual property: user profiles, network diagrams, source code, plans for mergers and acquisitions, emails, text messages, pricing policies, etc. Such data is capable of 'exploding' the market if it falls into the wrong hands.

Leaks of valuable data = financial losses for the business

Information leak Risk Damage
Clients' personal data
  • clients will move to competitors
  • legal proceedings brought by clients under federal law
  • checks carried out by regulatory authorities

Plans to launch new tariffs and services
  • competitors will offer clients more beneficial terms
  • competitors will launch new programs before you do

Information about network capacity and condition of infrastructure
  • threat to stability of network operation
  • reduction in quality of service

Information about strategic deals (partnerships, acquisitions, mergers)
  • deals cancelled
  • lost profit, significant losses, damage to reputation of company and management

Market research data and information about unique analysis methods
  • loss of competitive advantage
Anti-fraud system algorithms, information about operational failures affecting billing and other systems
  • vulnerabilities in information systems
  • fraud and system break-ins

The source of income for any communications operator is its clients, the company's most valuable asset. The company's future within this competitive market depends on the number of subscribers and their level of satisfaction with the services offered. It is possible to prevent the likely move of subscribers to a different operator by improving the quality of client services and reacting quickly to client complaints, which, these days, most often find their outlet on the Internet.

A very different solution is required in cases where clients are encouraged to switch to a competitor as a result of a targeted campaign promising special offers. The obvious reason for such interest in subscribers from a different company, in most cases, is a direct leak of personal data from an operator's database.

Telecommunications companies using InfoWatch solutions are able to:

  • prevent illegal sharing of subscribers' personal data;
  • identify instances where employees are not complying with instructions for working with personal data;
  • prevent leaks of confidential data;
  • identify perpetrators of espionage;
  • improve the quality of service to subscribers, and win their loyalty.

With the help of InfoWatch solutions, it is possible for a company not only to monitor and analyze what is happening on the Web, but also to proactively build their reputation through daily engagement with their online audience, primarily through social media: replying to questions and complaints, responding to negative reviews, winning client loyalty and building a positive reputation in order to attract new subscribers.

InfoWatch solutions allow you to collect and analyze subscriber reviews of services, additional services and tariff plans, and also their wishlist of future services. Taking this information into account during the development of new subscriber offers helps to maintain and expand your subscriber base without decreasing ARPU, on account of better satisfying the real requirements of subscribers.

New products and services can achieve their anticipated economic impact only when they are launched onto the market at the right time. It is well known that as soon as a new initiative from one operator gains popularity among subscribers, within a short space of time, the other market players will attempt to repeat the success of their competitor. In such tough conditions, business owners face the challenge of ensuring that none of their strategic plans are leaked in advance of implementation.

Particularly valuable information for communications operators, which can improve their market position, includes:

  • long-term business development strategy;
  • marketing and business plans;
  • plans for the launch of new services;
  • financial data (planned profit, costs);
  • information about existing infrastructure and plans to extend it;
  • data regarding network capacity and design documentation.

InfoWatch solutions help you to create effective business processes and integrated information security systems in almost all areas of your business. By using tools to analyze how well data and the channels over which it is transmitted are secured, it is possible to obtain an exhaustive picture of information flows within an organization's business processes and to identify secondary ways of forwarding confidential information and prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

Companies have an obligation to know where all of their confidential data is stored, which means that they must have in place processes to identify and monitor the transmission of confidential information, and the means to reliably protect such information in line with the requirements of existing regulations and legislation. Whether we are talking about access control or the protection of intellectual property, reducing the risk of theft, protecting infrastructure or the security of employees and information assets, or reducing information risks, measures to guarantee security must be integrated to achieve maximum effect.

Communications operators employ a large number of staff working at various levels, but they all deal with huge volumes of personal data and commercially sensitive information on a daily basis. And although information security issues are one of the telecommunications industry's priorities, it is very important to conduct planned work to avoid accidental and intentional leaks of data outside the organization.

Solutions are based on the following products:

A software solution (DLP system) designed to monitor information flows and protect confidential information from leaks and unauthorized distribution.

A software product providing information security for workstations, removable media and mobile devices, designed for quick deployment and ease of management.