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Risk Management

InfoWatch solutions offer the latest in risk management with regard to the loss of valuable information, as well as analysis and business intelligence tools, including the ability to monitor staff activity and determine levels of loyalty toward the company.

The market continues to await an integrated, automated risk management system that will be able to take account of all possible factors, including political, organizational, legal, economic, financial, reputational, market and information aspects. Since such a solution does not exist, company management teams must take action themselves to minimize any risks that could have a negative impact on the business.

This is no insignificant task, and it is difficult to resolve without specialized systems. The task can be simplified with the help of tools that might not at first glance seem to have much to do with risk management tasks.

A correctly formulated matrix showing Risk – Threat – Violator – Solution can minimize risks, accurately predict costs and set out the tasks for each department within the organization.

InfoWatch Solution

Of all the solutions in the field of information security, only a DLP system can resolve exclusively business tasks, since:

  • it helps businesses to be confident that their valuable and confidential data is safe;
  • it offers an understanding of all of an organization's internal and external information flows;
  • it enables the activities of those involved in industrial espionage to be identified;
  • it helps with business intelligence, aimed at monitoring the activities of staff and determining their degree of loyalty toward the company.

InfoWatch solutions enable you to identify and reduce to a minimum strategic, operational, reputational and legal risks, specifically:

Strategic Risks
  • protect intellectual property and production secrets;
  • protect clients' personal data (client databases);
  • protect against leaks of secret and business information;
  • prevent the destruction of valuable information;
  • prevent fraud, be able to investigate incidents and identify those involved;
  • monitor the image of company brands.
Reputational Risks
  • prevent leaks of sensitive data;
  • prevent the distribution of negative information both within and outside the company;
  • identify 'dumps' of negative or compromising information ('dark PR');
  • identify disloyal staff.
Operational Risks
  • trace illegal distribution of corporate information;
  • monitor competitive and tender processes;
  • identify perpetrators of industrial espionage;
  • manage customer experience and loyalty, develop relationships with clients;
  • identify negligence on the part of staff working with confidential information;
  • prevent HR threats and unethical employee behavior;
  • monitor collective mood and determine degree of loyalty toward the company.
Legal Risks
  • comply with regulatory requirements;
  • prevent leaks of personal data;
  • identify instances of use of corporate resources for illegal ends;
  • protect confidential information and identify staff who are sharing confidential information;
  • identify perpetrators of industrial espionage;
  • establish a legally admissible evidence base, guarantee procedurally correct evidence.

Solutions are based on the following products:

A software solution (DLP system) designed to monitor information flows and protect confidential information from leaks and unauthorized distribution.

A software product providing information security for workstations, removable media and mobile devices, designed for quick deployment and ease of management.

A software product offering automated audit of source code in customized business applications to detect vulnerabilities and implants.