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Oil and Gas Industry

Leading oil and gas companies are experiencing increasing negative consequences as a result of the loss of important information, which can be the result of negligence on the part of staff or targeted attacks. These pose threats to a company's material and non-material assets.

Leak of production secrets = financial damage to the business

Information leak Risk Damage
Information regarding production, processing, transport, storage and development of new deposits
  • possible damage to reputation
  • loss of competitive advantage
  • checks by regulatory authorities
Information about the location and course of pipelines and technical facilities
  • threat of terrorist attack
  • unauthorized access to assets

Terms of business for cooperation with partners
  • loss of partner
  • reduction of distribution channel
Data regarding accidents and emergency situations at hydrocarbon production, transport and processing facilities, and materials relating to the investigation into such accidents
  • reputational risks
  • checks by regulatory authorities

Information about environmental monitoring of production and environmental protection
  • checks by environmental protection authorities

The main challenge in protecting data is to determine the list of information that is of most value to the company. For oil and gas companies, this most often includes:

  • information about plans to increase production volumes from deposits, transport, storage and processing of oil and gas by subsidiary companies;
  • information about plans (current and future) to purchase material and technical resources, including timescales, type of goods, prices, suppliers and plans;
  • other information specific to the sector.

InfoWatch solutions enable you to monitor and analyze data sent outside the organization via mail systems, Internet sites, instant messaging systems, and also information that has been printed or copied onto removable media.

Managers in today's oil and gas sector have fundamentally changed their approach to information technology in recent years. IT is no longer considered as a secondary tool, but is recognized as a strategic resource, which is enormously helpful in resolving current business issues with the help of the latest software products.

Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared for rapid change. The planned optimization of business processes is heavily complicated by relics of the past in the form of 'patchwork' automation, which has been developed over the years and is still retained in many companies today. In some companies, there are several dozen uncoordinated, ‘homegrown’ systems. It has become clear that this situation not only hinders planned development, but also seriously threatens to undermine the business.

InfoWatch solutions enable you to audit the code in business applications and the modifications that have been made to them, to identify vulnerabilities and undocumented capabilities, and thus prevent unsanctioned access to data and information leaks. Together with our partners, InfoWatch can conduct an expert assessment of the company's information security and determine the level of compliance with regulatory requirements, and also propose effective measures to protect the company's information assets.

A characteristic of the oil and gas industry is the dispersal of technical operations such as drilling, production, distribution, transport and processing, and the fact that management offices are located a long distance from this infrastructure. Along with ensuring control over each operation in the production cycle, there must be a distributed system for managing information security at facilities, emanating from one or several management centers.

InfoWatch solutions are capable of managing this challenge and perform well in oil and gas companies thanks to a specialized deployment system that is optimized for working with branch structures.

InfoWatch solutions help you to create effective business processes and integrated information security systems in almost all areas of your business. By using tools to analyze how well data and the channels over which it is transmitted are secured, it is possible to obtain an exhaustive picture of information flows within an organization's business processes and to identify secondary ways of forwarding confidential information and prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

Equipment problems threaten to stop the production process and pollute the environment, which results in losses amounting to millions and a growing public outcry. Leaks of intellectual property lead to loss of profit and reduced competitiveness.

The current level of technological development means that companies can explore and develop areas that were previously impossible to exploit. However, due to limiting factors of a political nature and competition over confirmed reserves, companies in the oil and gas sector often experience more difficulties in managing risks than in other industries. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cases of espionage, where the intent is to collect competitors' confidential information about exploitation, design and financing for oil and gas deposits.

InfoWatch Solutions for Common Problems Faced by Oil and Gas Companies, and the Results Obtained by Introducing Them

By using InfoWatch solutions, companies will obtain:

  • a package for monitoring information assets, allowing them to effectively identify and reliably manage sensitive information at all stages of its storage, processing and transmission;
  • an assessment of existing and potential vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure;
  • assistance with incidents involving leaks of confidential information (intellectual property, personal data, plans, reports, etc.);
  • an analysis of their business processes to determine the primary cause of data losses at the process level;
  • a regular report for the company's management on the current status of content paths for data transmission within the corporate network and detailed recommendations to improve the level of protection for information assets.

Solutions are based on the following products:

A software solution (DLP system) designed to monitor information flows and protect confidential information from leaks and unauthorized distribution.

A software product offering automated audit of source code in customized business applications to detect vulnerabilities and implants.