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Confidential Information Protection

The software and deployment techniques offered by InfoWatch enable you to protect your confidential information effectively using your existing business processes and take account of the specific nature, goals and objectives of your organization.

The deployment and use of InfoWatch solutions provide a company with confidence that their valuable and confidential data is secure, an awareness and system-wide understanding of all of the organization's internal and external information flows, and a reduction in business risks.

Commercial secrets, formulas, clients' personal information, intellectual property – all information that is critical to the business. Access to and use of this information must be carefully regulated.

On the basis of regulatory documents and categorization of data, the rules governing data processing, movement and storage are adjusted. Then, the measures that will be taken in the event these rules are violated are agreed upon.

This type of approach ensures the correct identification of confidential data within large volumes of transmitted information and allows technical measures, in particular a DLP system, to be constructed in accordance with the regulations adopted by the company to prevent leaks by means of blocking the transmission in cases where security policy has been violated.

Security can be guaranteed in many ways, but to achieve the required result and maintain a balance between protection and convenience, it is essential to actively seek out software products and solutions.

InfoWatch solutions enable you to monitor and analyze data sent outside the organization via mail systems, Internet sites, instant messaging systems, and also information that has been printed or copied onto removable media.

Determining the formats and types of data that users may and may not access, restricting user access rights to external devices and monitoring their use, analyzing and filtering traffic, carrying out a full audit of the use of external information media, transparent encryption of data when recorded onto mobile devices – all of these actions enable you to minimize the risk of valuable information being leaked.

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If, during the introduction of an information security system, a decision is taken to block the transfer of confidential data outside the organization, then such transfers will be automatically blocked.

If a monitoring system is introduced, then security staff will be immediately alerted to the leak and can take the necessary measures to identify the perpetrator and start working to reduce the harmful impact of the loss of confidential information. The system will automatically generate legally admissible evidence about the incident, meaning that an investigation in accordance with Russian legislation can be carried out. This can be either an internal investigation or an external one, involving the security services, and leading to a court case.

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Almost every company adapts widely available business applications (ERP, ABS, CRM) to fulfill specific tasks. But only programmers and developers know what the 'adaptation', 'modification', or – most particularly – custom build entails.

  • What prevents the programmer from introducing an undocumented function (implant) into the code without you knowing?
  • What kind of damage could such code do to the company, and what information might be made available to criminals as a result?

InfoWatch solutions enable you to audit the code in business applications and the modifications that have been made to them, to identify vulnerabilities and undocumented capabilities, and thus prevent unsanctioned access to data and information leaks.

InfoWatch solutions can be easily integrated into any client infrastructure, and as part of the project, all of the accumulated knowledge and experience translates into convenience – the client receives expertise, advice and a ready-to-use, effective solution.

In addition to the actions of staff, violations of information confidentiality can also occur as a result of the actions of harmful software or external criminals. These types of actions can be identified by intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). For a more detailed investigation of incidents, it is possible to aggregate the incidents identified by DLP, IDS and IPS systems and correlate them with the help of a statistical analysis model.

In companies, around 20% of information is structured: for the most part this is information stored in ERP, CRM, EDM and accounting systems. As such, the majority of information (80%) is unstructured. This includes confidential data, which should not be shared.

Corporate Information Today:

InfoWatch technologies allow all of the client's documents to be analyzed, the information categorized and structured, and confidential data to be identified within large volumes of information.

InfoWatch's concept is to control the movement of data at all stages, beginning with an audit (what is stored and where), identifying content paths for information transfer (from who to whom, category of data being transmitted) and ending with the use of a DLP system and the creation of an information security policy to control the distribution of confidential information.


The protection of confidential information is a task that involves technical, legal and organizational aspects in equal measure. Only once a precise understanding of what needs to be protected and who within the company needs the information has been developed, clearly establishing the goal and tasks, can a company proceed with the introduction of an information security system.

The introduction and use of InfoWatch solutions provide a company with confidence that their valuable and confidential data is secure, an awareness and system-wide understanding of all of the organization's internal and external information flows, a reduction in business risks, and:

  • auditing and optimization of the current information security environment within the company, and the chance to bring its information structure in line with the requirements of regulatory organizations;
  • categorization of the company's information resources and identification of valuable information assets;
  • an established commercial confidentiality system that fully complies with Russian legislation, including
    • legally well-formulated 'Regulations on Commercial Confidentiality' and related documents, which will minimize the company's legal risks in the event of an information security incident and ensure that the company is able to take legal action against the guilty party;
  • monitoring of the movement of information and protection of confidential data, including
    • protection against confidential information leaks;
    • safeguarding of intellectual property;
    • prevention of leaks of personal data;
  • prevention of unauthorized access to confidential information;
  • identification of those perpetrating industrial espionage, or negligence among employees working with confidential information.

Solutions are Based on the Following Products:

A software solution (DLP system) designed to monitor information flows and protect confidential information from leaks and unauthorized distribution.

A software product providing information security for workstations, removable media and mobile devices, designed for quick deployment and ease of management.

A software product offering automated audit of source code in customized business applications to detect vulnerabilities and implants.