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Industry Solutions

On the basis of a long history of cooperation with companies in various industries, InfoWatch has developed integrated technological solutions, which are optimized to meet the specific requirements of these different sectors.

Banking and Financial Sector

The financial sector is an industry that is all about managing information. Many employees within a financial organization have access to financial information, details of transactions, accounts and clients' personal data. Thus, a multitude of regulatory documents on information security have been developed for this sector that, first and foremost, outline the requirements for the reliable protection of data, the classification of information and measures needed to prevent data leaks.

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Oil and Gas Industry

Even leading oil and gas companies are experiencing increasing negative consequences as a result of the loss of critically important information, which can be the result of negligence on the part of staff toward their responsibilities, targeted attacks for commercial gain and the infliction of material and reputational damage. These attacks pose a threat to a company's material and non-material assets.

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Every year, industrial and manufacturing companies suffer losses totaling many millions as a result of external attacks on their information systems and internal violations perpetrated by their employees. Such losses not only lead directly to a reduction in income and an increase in the costs of products for consumers, they pose a threat to production secrets, damage the perception of the company's brand and impose unforeseen financial obligations.

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Telecommunications companies own a lot of intellectual property: user profiles, network diagrams, source code, plans for mergers and acquisitions, emails, text messages, pricing policies, etc. To use a nuclear weapons analogy, such data is capable of 'exploding' the market if it falls into the wrong hands.

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Government Organizations

Government and local authorities have an enormous responsibility, not only in relation to the decisions they adopt, but also to protect the security of important government projects and citizens' personal data. Therefore, establishing a comprehensive information security system is an important priority in the creation of a quality IT infrastructure in such organizations.

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