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InfoWatch solutions allow you to protect data and information assets that are critically important to your business. The loss of such data could cause irreparable financial and reputational damage.

Our technique for deploying systems reflects InfoWatch's ten years' experience of working in this area. We eliminate all complications and guarantee that our solution will work effectively as part of any infrastructure – we see this as one of our competitive advantages.

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With InfoWatch's help, any organization can introduce a reliable system to protect their information assets within a short space of time and be confident that it will always work effectively.

By Business Task

Confidential Information Protection

Working in cooperation with business department managers within the client's organization, InfoWatch's experts will determine the most valuable information assets (as well as where they are stored, and how they are processed and transmitted) and propose the most effective means of protecting them.

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Investigation of Information Security Incidents

InfoWatch solutions help prevent confidential information leaks, enable information security incidents resulting from illegal activities by staff to be investigated, and perpetrators of industrial espionage to be identified.

Working with its partners, InfoWatch offers professional and legal assistance to internal corporate investigations of information security incidents, and guarantees to collect evidence of the offence that is legally admissible.

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Risk Management

InfoWatch solutions offer the latest in risk management with regard to the loss of valuable information, as well as analysis and business intelligence tools, including the ability to monitor staff activity and determine levels of loyalty toward the company.

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Regulatory Compliance

The compliance management process can be intelligently built into IT and information security management systems on the basis of methods and recommendations that take into account all the requirements of Russian legislation, as well as international and industry standards.

InfoWatch will conduct an expert assessment of the company's information security and determine the level of compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Corporate Reputation Management

A company's reputation is founded on the basis of the information about it. The information that is accessible to its audience and that makes up its external information environment.

Since negative information always spreads quicker than positive information, the only way to manage your reputation is to constantly monitor information to identify thematic discussions and to automatically analyze the collected content.

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Business Process Optimization

Optimizing business processes involves taking a systems approach toward establishing links between existing processes and excising erroneous or ineffective methods of communication between different parts of the organization.

Poorly constructed business processes not only reduce labor productivity but also represent a real threat to preserving the confidentiality of secret information.

InfoWatch solutions facilitate the creation of effective business processes and comprehensive information security in almost all business areas within the company.

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