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Global Data Breaches 2018

In 2018, we observed a significant decline in the growth of the number of personal data leaks and a decrease in the total volume of leaked data as well as in the ‘leak capacity’. We can assume that businesses and public bodies that process personal data have decided to bear down on personal data protection violators. For instance, this is evidenced by a decrease in the share of leaks caused by external attacks. External attacks are known to be more sensitive to technical controls. In this respect, the efforts of information security services aimed at countering external threats have not been in vain.

On the other hand, we observed an increase in the number of leaks that exposed over a million records at a time, which suggests both that violators have a considerable interest in user data and that information security is far from perfection.

Personal data, as the easiest to understand and measure the type of data, gradually give way to trade and other secrets. Leaks of these types of data are increasingly becoming the focus of media attention. At the same time, leaks of trade secrets and know-how are not new, they have always been there. However, at the present stage of security systems evolution, perhaps, there are enough capabilities to record the fact of leakage of trade secrets and collect the evidence necessary for the subsequent trial. It stands to reason that in 2018 we registered a lot of reports about companies that pressed charges against their former employees for sabotage, industrial espionage or theft of confidential information and were successful. This is due in no small part to behavioral analysis techniques that allow determining the weakest link in the team.