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Global Data Leakage Report, H1 2017

Global Data
Leakage Report
H1 2017

Personal data is becoming the most valuable asset. Volumes of compromised data grow due to increased capacity of both external and internal leaks. It is worth noting that leaks in all channels, except for network, just do not get registered.

H1 2006 – H1 2017

In the first half of 2017, the InfoWatch Analytics Center registered 925 confidential data leak events, a 10% increase over the number of data leaks registered for the same period of 2016.

Distribution of leaks by violator type

Distribution of leaks by data type

Distribution of leaks by purpose

Distribution of leaks by industry

The most attractive for violators and, as a
result, the most vulnerable industries are
the high-technology segment and the
banking sector. The greatest volume of
compromised data (excluding mega-leaks)
was in internet services, trade and finance
industries. SMB segment is still more
vulnerable to personal data leaks than

Share of intentional personal data and billing information leaks by industry

Distribution of leaks by channel

The share of leaks through the network channel and
e-mail increased. The share of data leaks resulting from
equipment theft/loss, as well as through removable media
and paper documents, reduced.

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