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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Integration with partner solutions

Today, companies operate in various working environments, with each business application addressing its own range of tasks and generating huge amounts of data. In most cases, data is retrieved from such systems without any control whatsoever, which inevitably leads to the loss of confidential and other critical information. This is where InfoWatch Traffic Monitor comes into play as a full-fledged intranet component that synchronizes with and extracts and scrutinizes information from third-party corporate apps by leveraging the entire range of analysis technologies and policies.


Event exports from InfoWatch Traffic Monitor databases to a SIEM system

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor enriches SIEM-based intelligence with information intercepted across all data channels, thus making it possible to monitor all cybersecurity incidents within a SIEM system, conduct investigations, and reveal corporate fraud.

Event import from third-party systems to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor: pushAPI SDK

Third-party applications log data interception events and transfer them to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor, which then classifies and analyzes events and makes a decision based on current security policies.

Master document import from third-party systems to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor: dbAPI SDK

Third-party apps (ERP, CRM, etc.) export and transfer master databases as spreadsheets to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor, which then detects their fragments in information flows, regardless of data channel.

HTTP and HTTPS traffic interception over ICAP

An ICAP proxy server intercepts and transfers HTTP and HTTPS traffic to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor server, which then analyzes and stores it in a database, with the InfoWatch ICAP module being installed automatically.

Adapter-based integrations

Integration for print control: ARTI DPrint
The joint solution monitors and controls all documents sent to printers. When intercepting a print job, DPrint sends all necessary information to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor for analysis, including the document itself. InfoWatch Traffic Monitor then analyzes the document in detail and classifies it in line with print job security policy.

Integration for workstation security
This joint solution features a synergetic fusion of strengths of individual products and ensures total control over confidential information exchange, including centralized management of removable media, which is the most common leak route.

Integration with communication control solutions
The joint solution controls corporate information both circulating within a company's IT infrastructure and sent outside via instant messengers, mail systems, and file transfer services.

Integration with secure document management systems: Oracle Information Rights Management
In order to prevent e-document leakage from a corporate network (irrespective of format, storage location, and document management system in use), Oracle and InfoWatch offer an integrated solution based on Oracle Information Rights Management (Oracle IRM) and InfoWatch Traffic Monitor.