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Features InfoWatch Traffic Monitor



  • IME / S/MIME
  • OP3
  • MAP4
  • RPC (Lotus)

The system allows you to work with popular mail servers like MS Exchange, MDaemon, IBM Lotus Domino and other SMTP, IMAP-servers.

Instant Messaging (IM):

  • Skype (text, files)
  • Jabber (XMPP)
  • ICQ (Oscar)
  • MS Lync (SIP)
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS

Web resources
Supported protocols:

  • FTP / FTPS

The solution allows you to keep an eye on:

  • Web mail
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Forums running on php platforms, IP.Board, vBulletin
  • Job search services
  • Cloud storage

The solution categorizes websites: media, potentially dangerous resources, entertainment, for adults and others

Supported Storage Devices:

  • USB storage
  • 3G modems
  • FireWire
  • COM / LPT
  • CD / DVD / Floppy
  • External and internal HDD
  • Mobile devices

User actions on the workstation:

  • Printing on local and network printers
  • Data transmission over Bluetooth, IRDA
  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks
  • Launch applications ("White" and "Black" application lists)
  • Prevent screen captures
  • Copy control to the clipboard
  • Keylogger
  • Creating screenshots of the desktop
  • Record voice and video from the microphone and camera on the workstation
  • Monitoring of network connections
  • Monitoring of work with cloud services

The solution allows you to hide the agent icon on the user's workstation and make it invisible to the employee.

Mobile device monitoring and remote worker:

  • Phone camera control
  • Control SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Telegram
  • Application Launcher Control
  • E-mail monitoring (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
  • Control of web traffic

Remote Connection Control:

  • Microsoft RDP
  • Citrix XenApp

Monitoring integrity of sensitive data:

  • Scanning workstations
  • Scanning of shared network storage
  • Scanning Microsoft SharePoint Storage
Incident investigation


Removable media and external devices:

  • USB, HDD, FireWire, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
  • Mobile devices plugged in.
  • (MTP)


  • Local and network printers


  • Launching, copying to the clipboard, screenshots, printing

Connection to external networks



  • (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, MAPI, NRPC (Lotus)


  • (HTTP / HTTPS, FTP / FTPS, Web mail, Blogs / Forum / Social media, cloud storage)


  • ICQ, Skype (including voice), Jabber, Lync

Shadow copying of files transferred to network folders