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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise Benefits


InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is developed to address the issue of safeguarding sensitive corporate information.

What you gain with InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise?

  • Full control over sensitive data turnover
  • Compliance with internal policies & standards, external rules and regulations, industry standards (for example PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA) and customer security requirements
  • Mitigation of financial, legal and reputational risks, associated with data loss
  • Corporate culture improvements by employee education regarding security policies implementation

Corporate CEO

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Confidential corporate information integrity and security. Mitigation of financial or reputational loss caused by data leaks. Employee education regarding security policies and corporate culture improvements.

Corporate CIO

Implementation and everyday maintenance of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise has no significant impact on regular IT-department activities.

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Compatibility with modern widespread software. Implementation methodology and recommendations developed by InfoWatch after careful study of various industries needs and our customers’ feedback. Excellent support services and regional partner network.

Corporate CSO

For corporate information security officers InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is a professional and at the same time handy tool to accomplish their everyday tasks.

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Ease of use: all required information is available via a unified management console. Detailed reporting and statistics: the integrated graphical reporting system includes 60+ pre-installed reports. Custom reports can be easily created. Flexible search criteria.


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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise works in the background, doesn't influence user activities and doesn't require specific training or education. The product is compatible with modern widespread software and doesn't load user workstations.

Cost transparency

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Thanks to its modular architecture the product allows companies to entirely control their investment into the acquisition and implementation of a comprehensive corporate information protection solution. InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise integration with leading 3rd party software for endpoint control, such as Lumension Device Control, translates into significant cost-savings for companies that have already implemented endpoint protection solutions.

Why InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise?

  • Accurate identification of sensitive data with combined application of several analysis technologies
  • Reliable protection of the enterprise security perimeter thanks to the control over the most common data transfer channels, data copying and printing
  • Support for multiple file formats including popular and industry-specific file types
  • Preloaded data processing and decision-making rules (finance and banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, media, energy & power and government) allowing enterprises to immediately benefit from an information protection solution
  • Forensic Storage Archive for data classification, monitoring of current actions with sensitive information (online queries) and retrospective analysis, investigation (analytic queries) and reporting
  • Flexible deployment options: inline and monitoring mode
  • High performance, scalability and reliability Integration with transparent data encryption software (InfoWatch CryptoStorage Enterprise)

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