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InfoWatch Traffic Monitor

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is a centralized solution for preventing confidential data leaks and thus eliminating financial losses.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Benefits

  • High performance even when supporting organizations with 300 000 employees or more
  • Ready-to-use industry solutions based on the nature of business processes in financial organizations, telecommunications and insurance companies, public agencies, energy companies, etc.
  • Ease of use: can be used by HR and legal departments, marketing professionals, managers, etc.
  • Precise identification of intruders and calling them to account
  • Modular architecture: you pay for the features you need

Tasks addressed

  • Reduce the company’s financial and reputational risks caused by leaks and mitigate the results of such leaks
  • Prevent data leaks without interrupting business processes by preventing data from being sent via email, web services or social media, from being copied to USB flash drives, etc.
  • Control employee operations in business apps, preventing retrieval of confidential data in digital or printed form
  • Collect evidence for incidents investigation

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor protects your company from internal threats:

The insurance company consultant sends its clients' lawyers information on outstanding claims. He also informs a competitor about VIP- contracts indicating the size of the insurance premium and the time remaining on current contracts.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects any clients' personally identifiable information or any information for insurance claims and contracts sent to an external email address. The security officer or an authorized person will promptly receive information about the incident.

«A Bank loan consultant negotiates with clients for approval of a loan with "special conditions". He also messages with the consultant of a competitor bank regarding provision of information about mortgage contracts for a bribe, in order to poach the clients later (by providing more favorable terms and conditions).»

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects this conspiracy by detecting and analyzing the consultant's personal correspondence via e-mail, instant messaging, Skype, etc. The security officer or an authorized person will promptly receive information about the incident.

A corporate account manager is about to resign, and so he copies contacts from the client database and suggests to his clients that they switch to a competitor (his new employer).

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects the copying of the database and any suspicious correspondence with clients, and also the employee's intention to resign. The security officer or the authorized person will promptly receive information about the incident.

A tender is announced for the purchase of expensive equipment in a large company. The acquisition manager engages in correspondence with one of the suppliers, negotiating a meeting with him during out of office hours. The majority of all corrupt schemes are simply discussed openly via personal e-mail (@, @, etc.), Skype or instant messaging.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects suspicious correspondence via e-mail, instant messaging, Skype, etc.

A production engineer at the manufacturing company sends design documents, specifications, plans and calculations for a new project to a personal e-mail address.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects any secret documents as part of the network traffic flow, even if the employee sends them as pictures, images, or photos.

An employee of a mobile phone shop delivers scans of personal IDs to his accomplice at a bank to carry out fraudulent loan processing.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects the sending of personally identifiable information, scanned IDs or completed forms or questionnaires. All this information will be saved in the Forensic Storage database for further investigation of the incident and to provide evidence in court.

A valued employee has become negligent in his work, constantly printing documents, and copying information to removable media.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects the employee visiting job search websites, sending out his resume daily, using the company's infrastructure for private purposes, printing confidential documents, and copying sensitive information and a customer data base onto a USB drive.

The manager of a trading company constantly prints out the company's price lists, and sends out special prices for projects and tenders to third-party addresses. Competitors always indicate a slightly lower price than that stated by your company, and so constantly win tenders.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor:
detects printing of confidential data.

Our Customers

We are delighted with the excellence of InfoWatch’s technology and the company’s expertise in the banking domain, which underlies their efficiency in preventing both accidental and intentional data loss. Our partnership with InfoWatch secures our business in a complicated information environment.
Ali Al Saegh, IT Security Manager FirstEnergyBank, Bahrain

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