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Cloud-based service for automated social media monitoring and analysis promptly delivers direct feedback from your customers for online reputation management and improving market positions.
KRIBRUM provides actionable insights for:
  • Monitoring and maintaining the brand perception
  • Identifying and resolving critical situations before they grow out of control
  • Retaining customer loyalty by keeping in touch with the audience and providing instant personal support
  • Gathering competitive intelligence for building an efficient competitive strategy
  • Developing market-winning products by leveraging accumulated customer feedback
  • Boosting marketing efficiency basing on up-to-date information on market trends, customer intelligence, competitive landscape, perception of promo campaigns by the target audiences, etc.


Social Media Monitoring (SMM)

Who benefits most from automatic SMM

  • Telecom operators
  • Retail banks
  • Airline carriers
  • Consumer goods large manufacturers
  • Public agencies

Independent feedback is trusted much higher than any advertising in traditional media, so private opinions expressed online can boost demand for some products and ruin market prospects of others.

Social media – blogs, forums and social networks – are places that are absorbing and concentrating most of this valuable customer feedback that businesses need to know and work with every day.

Moreover, people are generally more willing to share negative experience than to tell ‘success stories’, so the more customers a company has, the more complicated online environment it has to cope with.

Employing an efficient automated tool for social media monitoring and analysis is crucial for a business success in the Internet-driven world.

InfoWatch delivers the cloud-based full-fledged service for automated social media monitoring and analysis: InfoWatch KRIBRUM