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InfoWatch Attack Killer - Web Application Firewall (WAF)


InfoWatch Attack Killer Web Application Firewall (WAF) prevents hacker attacks on web applications and detects web infrastructure vulnerabilities.



Automatic adapting to web infrastructure
Self-learning WAF is continuously looking into web application structure and automatically adjusting the active protection system to match any changes in the application.

Virtual patching technology
Virtual patches block any queries sent to exploit earlier confirmed vulnerabilities until programmers release an official update.

No false positives
A built-in dynamic scanner determines the severity of the detected vulnerabilities, thus dropping the number of false positives virtually to zero, and confirms them by releasing exploits. When used in parallel, InfoWatch Attack Killer WAF and CCS search for and reveal errors in web application code much more effectively. InfoWatch Attack Killer thoroughly protects even frequently updated websites.



  1. WAF automatically and continuously monitors a web infrastructure based on user behavior statistics and dynamic application security testing (DAST)
  2. Based on all information collected, the expert system determines a standard functioning of web infrastructure and blocks all anomalies, using virtual patching technology
  3. The system automatically generates vulnerability fix tasks for developers and follows up the issue until resolved.
  4. By analyzing anomalies in unstructured events, WAF identifies logic, merges them in a single incident and determines the vector of the attack. As a result, regular reports on detected vulnerabilities and repelled attacks do not contain false positives and are easy to read and understand.


Easy to connect and operate
Powered by self-learning algorithms, WAF adapts to application and does not require configuration. The system continuously runs in both self-learning and protection modes.

Less burden on security team
Despite traditional WAF, InfoWatch Attack Killer's WAF has a user-friendly control interface and generates intuitive reports. The security team will waste no time fishing essential threats out of the huge bucket of unstructured information.

Proactive web infrastructure protection
Official release of third-party product fixes takes much time anyway, with no opportunity to accelerate the process. Leveraging virtual patching technology, InfoWatch Attack Killer WAF closes vulnerabilities until the official patch is released. The Attack Killer WAF functionality can restrict access to a certain vulnerable part of the application while keeping the entire application up and running.

Combining with AntiDDoS and CCS
InfoWatch Attack Killer WAF is a module of complex product, InfoWatch Attack Killer. When combined with AntiDDoS and Custom Code Scanner, this module ensures truly effective security, leaving no space for human errors.

Easier PCI DSS certification
InfoWatch Attack Killer WAF helps ensure that web application protection complies with Clause 6.6, PCI DSS.



When run in parallel, CCS and WAF significantly better reveal vulnerabilities and cover even code paths being away from standard attack routes.

WAF combination with AntiDDoS helps add rules to block traffic at QRator filtering nodes, thus reducing load on a web application.