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Infowatch attack killer functionality

InfoWatch Attack Killer is a unique solution for continuous proactive protection against all kinds of attacks. The solution minimizes risks caused by the human factor and ensures timely protection against evolving hacker technologies

The solution will be particularly useful for online banking systems, e-commerce sites, public service portals, teamwork systems, online stores, and other websites and applications.



  • Ensuring web resource availability to customers
  • Reliable protection of sensitive information, such as trade secrets and personal data
  • Secure financial transactions completed through a corporate website or app
  • Protecting against data spoofing or illegal content posting
  • Maintaining website search ranking even in case of code manipulations attempted by intruders
  • Protecting website users from attacks, which inject malicious code into website pages


Security as a feature and your competitive advantage

Reliable foundation laid at the stage of app development guarantees stable performance, secure financial transactions, and stored data privacy. With InfoWatch Attack Killer, your protection starts as early as at the development stage. User confidence in website or web app reliability boosts customer loyalty and attracts new audience.

Even vulnerable updates are safe and ready for release

No matter how simple updates are, they can jeopardize security, and, therefore, an application should be regularly scanned. Manual checks of frequent updates slow down code release. InfoWatch Attack Killer allows for prompt deployment of new functionality thanks to continuous search and automatic patching of vulnerabilities until programmers fix them.

Human factor now cannot affect sustainable operation

Web resource unavailability causes reputational and financial losses. While the speed of incident response generally depends on reaction of security system operators, InfoWatch Attack Killer immediately reacts to anomalies, avoids false positives due to its self-learning algorithms, and thus ensures continuous availability of a web resource to authorized users.