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InfoWatch Attack Killer is a unique solution for continuous proactive protection against all kinds of attacks. The solution minimizes risks caused by the human factor and ensures timely protection against evolving hacker technologies.

  • Simple solution: end-to-end integration of various security tools into a single interface makes the system convenient to operate and facilitates user training
  • Efficient protection: artificial intelligence of the core and use of machine learning in operations of InfoWatch Attack Killer functional components reduce the probability of successful attacks almost to zero
  • Secured life cycle of the application: a special source code scanner ensures security of the whole business application development and use cycle


  • A single solution to protect against all web threats
    Bringing balance to security, development, and business
  • Modular connectivity
    Protection started with any module
  • Single web interface and unified reporting
    Intuitive charts and reports on logged attack attempts on all protection layers
  • Best-of-breed technology union
    InfoWatch Group merged leading technologies, each is battleproven on the information security market
  • Assisted regulatory compliance