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Automatically checks business app source code for compliance with custom development requirements

InfoWatch Appercut is an automated business application source code control system to ensure compliance with requirements for safe software development

You simply go to the website, load your source code and immediately receive a result that does not need a computer science degree to understand. You find the nasty surprises left by insider programmers within minutes. There are no expensive installations and unwarranted expenses for external code auditing.

The product is Static Application Security Testing (SAST) code analyzer. Because of an integrated code normalizer it does not require special code preparation and is, theoretically compatible with any business application programming language.

The system contains a regularly updated database of digital fingerprints of known backdoors. It instantly compare the application code to the fingerprints and does not require the application to actually compile. InfoWatch APPERCUT ignores all overall program logic and scans whole applications as well as code snippets, up to single lines, equally effectively.


Why it’s important

90% of companies fine-tune their business apps either with their FTE programmers or outsourced teams

75% of new attacks occur at business app level, but the market offers solutions to address insecure codethreats

Code error correction is 10 times less expensive at the software development stage than when accepting a finished product

According to Gartner Research

Tasks addressed

  • Control the quality of the code and find vulnerabilities as early as at the programming stage
  • Automatically create reports about identified vulnerabilities and generate tasks for programmers
  • Ensure safe deployment and update of software


  • Business process continuity: eliminates labor-intensive and time-consuming manual code control or external auditing
  • Adaptability: integrable into any stage of software development life cycle between programming and acceptance by the customer
  • Scalability: supports over 20 programming languages
  • Embedded standards: InfoWatch Appercut database contains requirements of PCI DSS standards, CERT, OWASP and CWE best practices, SDLC recommendations, as well as recommendations of SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft platform providers
  • Ease of use: requires no special knowledge or programming skills