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Natalya Kaspersky Announces InfoWatch Scholarship Program at MIEM HSE

InfoWatch Group has announced the start of its scholarship program at the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (MIEM HSE), aimed to help tech students maximize their intellectual and creative potential in cybersecurity.
On the Russian Students Day at the MIEM HSE, Natalya Kaspersky, President of InfoWatch Group, told the university students and employees about a new scholarship to be awarded annually to the most outstanding 2- and 3-year students interested in IT. Every year, ten students will be selected following a three-round competition, best of whom will become holders of InfoWatch direct scholarship and a few students more will join the scholarship reserve.

“One of the key objectives of the InfoWatch scholarship program is to contribute to advanced cybersecurity education,” said Natalya Kaspersky. “Even though everybody understands the importance of information security in today’s digital world, Russia still lacks skilled cybersecurity specialists. I hope our scholarship will help young talents interested in information security and related fields to improve their knowledge and skills and pursue R&D activities. I am most pleased to offer our scholarship to students of my alma mater and thus contribute to MIEM’s good reputation and outstanding curriculum.”

To qualify, a MIEM state-funded student must only have A and B grades for the most recent two academic year modules (before the competition starts) and deliver a project paper on one of the following nine subjects: Computer Networks, Microcontrollers and Robotics, Internet of Things, Information Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Web Programming, Mobile Applications, Quantum Algorithms, Mathematical Modeling and Optimization. Candidates will be selected by a special board consisting of InfoWatch representatives and the program coordinators from MIEM. Each competition finalist will be paid 15,000 rubles a month during one year.

It should be noted that Natalya Kaspersky, President of InfoWatch Group, and MIEM HSE management signed a master partnership agreement in 2016. The start of the scholarship program became yet another milestone in cooperation between the university and InfoWatch Group. In 2018, as part of the partnership agreement, the parties plan to create an information security department at MIEM HSE, the graduates of which will shape the intellectual power of InfoWatch Group in the future.

Evgeny Kruk, Director of MIEM HSE, Professor, Dr.Sc. (Technical Sciences), said: “Fostering of IT specialists, including cybersecurity area, is a top priority for the years to come. Therefore, we believe our cooperation with InfoWatch Group will drive the university’s development in this strategic route.”