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InfoWatch Group Unveils Its Flagship Cybersecurity Products at BIS Summit 2017

InfoWatch Group, a Russian vendor of end-to-end enterprise cybersecurity solutions, has introduced an updated product line for large, medium, and small businesses at the 10th international Business Information Security Summit 2017 (BIS Summit 2017). Unique data protection tools being in the spotlight at the summit included Taigaphone, a new InfoWatch hardware and software suite that effectively protects organizations against data leaks via mobile devices and controls smartphone use at work.

Taigaphone is a part of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor, a flagship Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution, with its new release being able to improve the efficiency of cybersecurity departments. Taigaphone's trusted firmware is based on Android Enterprise OS. All services included in the InfoWatch solution by default, are fully compatible with Android ecosystem. For each device, an organization's security officer can configure individual security policies and white and black lists for apps.

"Taigaphone is integrated with the DLP system for the best protection of confidential data: all security breaches committed while using a mobile device will be logged, with notification sent to security officers," said Grigory Vasiliev, Product Development Expert at InfoWatch Group. "The solution ensures customer business process continuity thanks to a proprietary firmware that prevents unauthorized remote disabling of smartphone components or functions, as well as data interception or transmission to third parties."

InfoWatch Device Monitor Mobile, another DLP-compatible product for data protection on personal mobile devices as part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, can now block the device upon employee action analysis, with unauthorized data transmission via Viber and Telegram being also put under control. In addition, the audience saw a new version of InfoWatch Person Monitor enabling small and medium-sized businesses to identify disloyal employees and monitor personnel activities at work.

The efficiency of InfoWatch ASAP, a SCADA protection suite, was demonstrated when simulating production site emergencies caused by cyber attacks.

New enterprise protection against external targeted attacks was showcased by Attack Killer, an InfoWatch Group company  and developer of like-named system that minimizes human errors and quickly protects apps and websites against new hacking technologies, thus ensuring end-to-end automatic security powered by core-level machine learning. For example, Attack Killer introduced extra protection functions to MyOffice products by New Cloud Technologies without performance degradation. Another system, Appercut, automates business app source code control and continuously protects websites by automatically blocking code bugs until they are fixed by developers.