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Infowatch starts cooperation with the southeast Asia's largest homegrown fintech player, Silverlake

InfoWatch Group, a leading developer of comprehensive enterprise security solutions, has signed an agreement with Silverlake Sprints, a leading provider of Digital Economy Solutions and Services for the banking and financial services, payments, retail, logistics and insurance businesses.

The idea of partnership is to provide the clients of both companies with comprehensive methods and solutions for data security. That end, InfoWatch products will complement Silverlake’s technologies for Digital economy with ultimate enterprise business protection tools – from device management and detailed audit of personnel behavior and corporate infrastructure usage (InfoWatch EndPoint Security and InfoWatch Traffic Monitor solutions) to protection from multi-vector external attacks (InfoWatch Attack Killer).

Natalya Kaspersky, President of InfoWatch Group: “This partnership is a serious step forward for InfoWatch Group in two aspects. First, for InfoWatch it means a regional expansion. We have been working in Malaysia since 2011, but partnership with Silverlake gives us a good chance to expand our presence into the ASEAN countries. And what is even more important, a technological cooperation. Together with Silverlake we plan to release on the market a product to address the urgent needs of companies in a banking sector”.


Goh Peng Ooi, Founder of the Silverlake Group: “We, at Silverlake, believe that boundaries of computing can be determined by economic rationale of demand and supply rather than by technical limits. It is the driver for transformation both within Silverlake and our customers. We expect that together with InfoWatch, we will be able to meet current customer business objectives, enabling and supporting their transformation and business agility”.

Silverlake Group — is a software organization that delivers high-end quality and state-of-the art solutions to various global industries. They include Banking and Finance, Airline, Utility and Retail.