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MEPS now offers InfoWatch security solutions to Argentinian companies

InfoWatch, one of the leading global DLP vendors, signed partnership agreement with MEPS system integrator operating in Argentina. Under the agreement MEPS will maintain integration of InfoWatch security solutions in Argentinian companies of Enterprise and SMB segments. The partnership also implies joint marketing activities such as specilised events and webinars for potential customers in Argentina, as well as other marketing and PR activities in the region.

MEPS will distribute the full line of current InfoWatch security products for international markets in Argentina, such as InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise (Data Leakage Prevention solution for enterprises), InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard Appliance for SMB (Data Leakage Prevention solution for SMB), InfoWatch EndPoint Security (reliable protection of workstations within corporate network), and InfoWatch Appercut (source code analysis of business applications).

Eliana Todua

«This year for Argentina is not an easy year, President Elections, changes in economy of the country, process of new industries developments and innovations adoption, all these factors increase the risks for financial and reputational losses, as well as increase the number of data leaks and corruption activities. Besides, Argentina, according to the recent research of the OAS, is the number one country in Latin America with the worst malicious Web activity, and one of the three main sources of phishing attacks in the region along with Brazil and Colombia, which account for 74 % of all attacks of this kind in Latin America and 3.2 % worldwide. This situation forces Argentinian organizations to implement effective security solutions, which InfoWatch is ready to provide in field of internal information security,» - says Eliana Todua, InfoWatch International Business Development manager.

«Besides, Argentina has the third-largest economy and population in Latin America. The leading Argentinian economy sector is manufacturing, in particular processing industry, consumer goods industry and food industry. More to say, Argentina is the fourth country in the region in oil extraction. These factors are very significative for InfoWatch which has in its product line the solutions specifically targeted at these industries. And big population size means a big number of companies operating in this country. In general we consider Argentina as key country for winning strong positions in Latin America and here we stake on a strong team of effective partners like MEPS system integrator», - adds Eliana.


José Luis Balbiano, MEPS Sales director comments:

«Our high quality policy of service we provide our customers is the reason we have signed an agreement with InfoWatch, one of the top international companies in internal information security. As each company’s challenges are unique, we deliver tangible results to our customers, considering their business perspective and needs. With help of InfoWatch we plan to provide our valuable customers with the best of breed internal information security solutions!».