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To be focused on business companies must be protected from all threats!

On August 5 InfoWatch became a guest star and shared its unique expertise in information security at Cyber Security Summit 2014 in Sri-Lanka. InfoWatch CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Mrs. Natalya Kaspersky welcomed the participants of the 2nd annual Cyber Security event.

Addressing the Cyber Security Summit 2014 CEOs breakfast meeting via Skype, Natalya Kaspersky said: «In the recent years we have seen a rise in internal threats. While external threats also exist, systems are increasingly becoming vulnerable to internal threats since not many solutions are available for it».

This August Tuesday was chanceful for the company. InfoWatch Business development director Andrey Sokurenko took part in a panel discussion of the leadership forum. He emphasized that in our age, we see the incredible growth of big data and an exponential number of transactions, so we must be protected from any threats, internal and external to have a chance finally to be focused on business.

InfoWatch Group of Companies Deputy CEO Vsevolod Ivanov stepped up in a day conference to discuss whether it is in fact possible to protect businesses from data loss.

In his presentation, Ivanov chose to focus on threats against enterprises and businesses. IT, markets (competition), threat models, personnel and regulation were named as the main drivers of information security in enterprises.

«We have also witnessed the dissolving of the enterprise perimeter because of the use of smartphones, the cloud, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – a very controversial thing as if you disallow it, you sacrifice flexibility and mobility. All these trends complicate the enterprise’s protection and the security model. 10 years ago, you could install an antivirus to all machines but now it’s just not enough because everything is not controllable», — Ivanov pointed out.

He took a quick look at existing security measures usually employed by enterprises, noting that the definition of confidential data, building of a threat model and the appointment of responsible people are steps that have to be undertaken.

An effective data loss prevention software (DLP) could play a very effective role in mitigating cyber threats, Ivanov stated. The installation of a DLP provides a helicopter view of corporate information flows, allows confidential information blocking and has permanent automatic updates and support for all information flow types. Importantly, it provides protection against internal threats, to which companies are more susceptible.

“Data loss causes a great deal of problems in enterprises, from loss of money to reputational damage,” he pointed out. Ivanov then drew upon the example of a bank that InfoWatch had worked with. The installation of an effective DLP prevented the loss of 15,000 records of clients’ confidential data which a malefactor had wanted to sell on the black market and saved the money and reputation of the client – estimated losses were finally calculated to be $ 32 million.

The second panel discussion exploring the growing issue of cyber-attacks featured InfoWatch International Sales Director Vadim Kuznetsov. The points raised on the importance of cyber security are on one hand the influence of the current market and on the other hand it is the compliance. Security of an organization is influenced by cyber security and business processes, pointed Mr. Kuznetsov.

Finally InfoWatch representatives conducted very fruitful negotiations with executives of some Asian companies from government, telecom and software development sectors which showed high interest in InfoWatch security solutions.