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InfoWatch, the first Russian DLP vendor in Gartner’s Content-Aware DLP Magic Quadrant

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company put InfoWatch into its Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention Magic Quadrant*. InfoWatch is the first and so far the only Russian company which InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise solution received this prestigious international expert recognition.

As predicted by Gartner, context-aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) will be part of the standard of due care by 2013 in North America, and by 2015 in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. By 2014, more than 50% of enterprises will use some form of content-aware DLP capability, but only 30% of them will have a comprehensive enterprise content-aware DLP solution or strategy. Gartner estimates that this market will reach $670 million in 2013.

Gartner defines content-aware data loss prevention (DLP) technologies as those that, as a core function, perform content inspection of data at rest or in motion, and can execute responses — ranging from simple notification to active blocking — based on policy settings. To be considered, products must support sophisticated detection techniques that extend beyond simple keyword matching and regular expressions.

InfoWatch’s Traffic Monitor Enterprise solution is about to analyze documents and messages content by applying linguistic methods, automatically categorizing the information and making a decision on its confidentiality, promptly responding to security policies violations blocking confidential data transmission via all controlled channels from HTTP and SMTP to online messengers’ protocols, and sending incident alerts to a security officer.

Natalya Kaspersky

“We believe InfoWatch entering Gartner Magic Quadrant is a forcible argument that we are on the right way. DLP is not just software but a complex solution, a synergy of technologies and methodology. It’s a special approach including 3 steps of building a data leak prevention system: Pre-DLP, DLP, and Post-DLP. Only in this configuration a software turns into efficient solution. I’m glad our viewpoint was recognized by Gartner,” says Natalya Kaspersky, CEO of InfoWatch Group of Companies.

Alexander Zarovsky, Head of International Business Development, InfoWatch: “We are a bit surprised and very much pleased to receive recognition of our solution by the leading international research agency in the IT industry. Our realistic expectations to enter Gartner Magic Quadrant were around 2014-2015. We want to thank Gartner for this recognition and for giving us a chance as the only Russian company in the Quadrant to get international acknowledgement. We strongly believe that DLP market will show a steady growth and InfoWatch will exploit its success together with our current and future clients and partners”.

Gartner analysts included InfoWatch in the Magic Quadrant based on the ability to execute and completeness of vision for its Traffic Monitor Enterprise solution.

*Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention, Eric Ouellet, January 3, 2013.