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Cynapspro becomes EgoSecure – New Brand with a wealth of Experience

Following the investment of Natalya Kaspersky, the company is preparing for international expansion through rebranding and a new product philosophy.

Since 2006, the device management solution DevicePro of the German software vendor cynapspro has set standards in endpoint security. Approximately 800 companies from all industries have since trusted cynapspro with their endpoints. In order to accelerate international expansion, an extensive rebranding process has been started with the final "coming out" planned for this year's CeBIT event with an attractive new booth concept. You will find EgoSecure in Hall 12, booth D74.

In the six years since the launch of DevicePro, the German software vendor EgoSecure (formerly cynapspro) has gone through many developments. The product range today covers device management, application management, encryption, and power management. Numerous conversations with customers and a thorough market analysis have convinced us, however, that customers are looking for an integrated solution that can address all their main issues, rather than for individual point solutions. IT managers don’t want a product for every single endpoint problem area in their corporate network, as this would of necessity be time consuming to implement and maintain. They want a solution that makes the endpoints safe and efficient without causing any additional effort and cost. The new EgoSecure product philosophy is designed to meet this very requirement.

EgoSecure-Endpoint makes Endpoints safe and efficient

EgoSecure Endpoint is a modular solution aimed at eliminating all the unresolved problems of the endpoints. The customer can simply select those functions that meet his current security requirements. As requirements change and security needs grow, additional functionality can easily be activated, without having to reinstall.

“In our conversations with customers or prospective customers, we have noticed that our approach that looks at endpoint security as a whole creates trust in our expertise. We are simply not just a specialist for encryption or for device management, but an expert on endpoint security,said Daniel Döring, Head of Professional Services at EgoSecure.

EgoSecure – “I am secure“

"The new brand EgoSecure illustrates the new product philosophy and will help us achieve international expansion. Since we are changing neither the location nor the highly successful team, which we have significantly expanded, I am sure that the new brand will be very successful and meet with a greater acceptance among customers", said Natalya Kaspersky.

"EgoSecure means “I'm secure" and I don’t know any CIO who does not want to say this about the endpoints", said Sergej Schlotthauer, CEO of EgoSecure. " In order to reach this goal efficiently, you don’t need a suite of many individual products, but a holistic solution that addresses all problem areas – and this exactly describes EgoSecure Endpoint."

About EgoSecure
EgoSecure Company is a part of InfoWatch group of companies, which also includes several organizations working in the sphere of information security, corporate information protection and linguistic analysis.

Since the launch of its device management solution DevicePro in 2006, EgoSecure (formerly cynapspro) has been a technology leader in endpoint security and endpoint management.

Many of the approximately 800 customers have made valuable contributions to the structure of the current range of products and the development of the product philosophy. Large corporations as well as medium-sized companies in all industries rely on the solutions of EgoSecure.

The functionality of the portfolio includes Control, Audit, Filters, Encryption and management. Based on this "C.A.F.E management principle”, customers are provided with individual solutions that not only provide data security, but also help save costs through efficiency.