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InfoWatch and SAP CIS cooperate on the protection of corporate data of Russian customers

Companies collaborate in implementing innovative technologies in order to protect SAP's corporate IT systems against confidential information leaks and to prevent any vulnerability in custom business applications developed on the basis of innovative SAP platform.

InfoWatch and SAP CIS signed an agreement on the start of cooperation in the field of corporate data security. At the first stage, the partners integrated InfoWatch solution with SAP systems to protect SAP EPR systems against commercial data leaks. The solution makes it possible to identify confidential documents in data flows automatically, prevent their leak and protect business against internal intruders. According to InfoWatch analytical center study, in the first half of 2018, 2.39 billion data records with personal and commercial information were compromised as a result of leaks, while 65% of the leaks were caused by the employees of the affected organizations themselves.

Natalya Kasperskaya, President of the InfoWatch Group, said: «Digital data is the basis of the modern economy and a competitive advantage for those companies that store and process large amounts of information. Therefore, today, the effective data management and data security are the main goals for corporations. InfoWatch has been active in the information security business for more than 15 years and has evolved into a group of companies that protect enterprises against various information security threats. Our technological base and unique competencies are recognized in Russia and abroad, and we are also interested in cooperation with global companies that transfer their intellectual property centers to our country.

Integration with SAP allows to provide for our customers high-quality data protection. In the future, we plan to develop our technologies and integrated solutions in the direction of predictive analytics».

Dmitry Krasyukov, Acting General Director, Executive Director of SAP CIS, noted: «Building of the local innovation ecosystem is the key part of our long-term strategy. We are going to join our efforts to protect corporate data of Russian customers and prevent enterprises against internal and external threats and information attacks».

Companies will focus on three areas of cooperation:

SAP EPR systems protection

One of the modules of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor InfoWatch Connector for SAP ERP, version 1.0, has gained the status of a certified product integrable with SAP ERP. SAP Certificate confirms seamless integration and reliable operation of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor with SAP ERP on the basis of SAP NetWeaver platform. In the future, SAP can recommend its customers to use InfoWatch Traffic Monitor as a standard solution of DLP class compatible with SAP ERP.

Program code analysis

SAP CIS chose InfoWatch Appercut solution as recommended software to analyze the code of applications developed on the basis of SAP platforms for protection against bags and undocumented features. InfoWatch Appercut enables the automatic scanning of the developed application source code for its compliance with the organization's requirements and standards and the creation of description of noncompliances and making recommendations for their remedy.

InfoWatch Prediction and SAP HANA integration

SAP CIS and InfoWatch are going to join their efforts for analyzing data in organizations' internal processes through integrating InfoWatch Prediction with SAP HANA platform and SAP business solutions, such as SAP GRC and SAP SuccessFactors. InfoWatch Prediction is a solution that enables forecasting organizations' IT risks associated with their HR and finance policies, identifying employees within the risk zone (high probability of their leaving the company) and minimizing any related IT risks.